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baby measuring big in scan, pls help.

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ray8 Sun 18-Nov-12 22:53:32

hi, i had 20.5 weeks scan, the stenographer said all is ok but the baby is on bigger side (97th percentile) she booked me for growth scan in 2 weeks.. what does it mean? i cant stop worrying about this, i am only 5.3 small frame
anyone had similar experience if yes what happened in next scan?

seeker Sun 18-Nov-12 22:59:44

My ds measured big all the way through. He was born "naturally" no pain relief in 4 and a bit hours. A few stitches, and home in 6 hours. I'm 5'3 too, and he weighed 10'6. Not sure if this helps or not.........!

I honestly think the baby's size neary always makes no difference at all to the birth. The person I know who had the most horrific birth story had a baby who weighed 7.5lbs!

RubyrooUK Sun 18-Nov-12 23:24:29

It might mean lots of things:

1. You have a big old baby. This can happen to anyone - I'm a very small person and gave birth to a whopping great boy, even though my bump looked quite small.
2. They think your baby is growing too fast for a reason - possibly gestational diabetes, which means they would want to keep a closer eye on you.
3. They think the dates of your pregnancy could be wrong and you're more advanced than they thought originally.

Essentially, it could be anything or nothing. It may well be nothing. Your baby is still on the normal centile chart, after all, not off it! And scans are notoriously unreliable about projecting weight - they said DS would be a whole pound bigger than he was anyway.

So don't panic. It's great they are checking you out and hopefully that means a good, smooth pregnancy where any potential issues or concerns have been looked at.

Nothingontvat3am Sun 18-Nov-12 23:34:46

My gorgeous dd measured big too - 3 weeks ahead. The (male) consultant actually laughed as he told me. "See you're having a big baby ha ha ha" yeah it's hilarious when she's not coming out of you! But seriously it was fine, my dd was a delightful 9lb when she was born - naturally with just gas & air. Got a few stitches but not a lot. Actually out of a lot of the babies at her baby group she was actually quite small grin.

surfingbabies Mon 19-Nov-12 11:28:06

Calm down.......this has just happened to me! I was measuring 3 weeks ahead so went for a growth scan & its a big baby.....I worried so much but the sonography said its a worry when baby is too small not too big smile good luck x

Midgetm Mon 19-Nov-12 13:16:36

Happened to me, nothing wrong with the lovely baby next to me but he was induced early as they were worried about him being born vaginally as I am tiny. He wasn't that big in the end but probably would have been if I had gone to term and he did get a bit stuck coming out. Don't panic - could just mean you have a bigger than average baby.

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