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MW check

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Kafri Sun 18-Nov-12 20:05:01

Been to see a MW today and she told me the following.

BP 133/74 (slightly high) (has been dancing about for the last 4/5 weeks or so)
Urine sample showed +protein and +leucocytes (she has sent it away to check for infection)

Should I be worried about pre-eclampsia? She didn't mention anything about it but I know it manifests with raised BP, Protein in urine and swelling (which i've had in feet and occasionally hands, and have previously told MW)

bangersmashandbeans Sun 18-Nov-12 20:17:17

My MW told me that if you have those 3 symptoms then yes they will look to treat you for PE. However, I didn't know this in my first pregnancy and wasn't told until my 6 week post birth check with my GP that I had PE in my last few weeks (was induced at 38 weeks due to other complications). At no stage did anyone mention PE and I had BP of 145/95 and unbelievable swelling! Might be worth you mentioning it her rather than editing for her to say something.

Kafri Sun 18-Nov-12 20:23:32

I feel a bit daft questioning a MW - kind of like its her job to mention it to me as it were. Its not helping me that she said I would get a letter if anything came back in my Urine sample. Now, she said the same thing when they tested my blood for iron absorption but i got a call 2 days later saying everything was fine and then a letter 2 weeks later saying it wasn't and they wanted me to take ferrus sulphate tablets. Surely, even if its only a water infection, I don't want to be waiting 2 weeks for a letter telling me so??

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