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Anyone else with hyperthyroid and no one seems to know what to do?

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rogersmellyonthetelly Sun 18-Nov-12 10:55:33

I have hyperthyroid, it was subclinical when I had ivf in may, but has since progressed to causing symptoms.
I've had 2 blood tests whilst pregnant which have shown a significant rise in my thyroid levels, the most recent at 22 weeks when it was up to 17.5 from 14 at 6 weeks, and 12 preconception. Tsh has been <.02 since before Christmas last year.
I had a call from the gp after my last test to say my results were abnormal and I needed to be checked by the mw more often. I made an emergency appt with the mw who told me that it was nothing to do with her, and that the gp needed to see me.
I'm getting frustrated as I have a very fast heart rate (resting is between 110 and 120bpm) have frequent palpitations (about 10-15 times a day) have frequent diarrohea, I'm not gaining any weight despite being 27 weeks pregnant, and I'm not sleeping well.
When I mentioned these things to the gp, I was sent for another blood test, which shows another rise in my t4 levels and still they do nothing.
I'm obv worried as I know there are risks to the pregnancy associated with the hyperthyroid and no one seems to want to acknowledge that there's actually a problem and treat it.
I'm seeing my consultant next week for the 28 week check, and I'm going to ask him if he can help me with this as the gp is worse than useless.

dontcarehow Sun 18-Nov-12 12:06:57

i used to be hyperthyroid, but its been normal for over a year. i'm seeing an endocrinologist every trimester, and having tests done. but not sure what happens if yours is overactive. though you should be on meds, that one beginning with p, cant remember how to spell it! but otherwise i think its a waiting game to see what happens close to birth. they'll prob want to keep an eye on the baby after birth too so be prepared for a stay in hospital!

rogersmellyonthetelly Sun 18-Nov-12 12:23:13

I don't mind staying in after the birth, tbh the fact that someone cooks my meals is a huge plus! And much as I love my dh I just know it will be "I'm just nipping out to do x for the business" leaving me with all 3 kids! So at least in hospital I'm not expected to actually do anything other than look after myself and the baby!
I wouldn't be so bothered if they were treating it, or even if they had discussed when they were planning on treating it or even when I need to come back for another blood test! All I got from the receptionist about the results were "your thyroid is abnormal and we would like you to arrange to see your midwife more often for the rest of the pregnancy"

Mummyof3tobe Sun 18-Nov-12 15:18:09

I'd suggest you push your midwife and GP for a referral to an endocrinologist ASAP. They are the experts.

Best of luck.

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