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Agreeing to DH going away three weeks before #2 is due...

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chairchairchair Sat 17-Nov-12 20:15:56 I being stupid or just a lovely wife??

#2 is due end of Feb. DH has been invited to a 30th party (long weekend) at a city a 7hr flight away (3hr time difference) at the start of Feb. I'll be 36wks when he goes, turning 37wks the day he gets back.

I went into labour with #1 on my due date, and she took almost three days to emerge, so I'm not massively worried about an early/quick birth (although a friend of mine gave birth within an hour of her first contraction with #2 after a similar first birth which does worry me!). However we recently moved to another country where the whole attitude to pregnancy/labour/birth is very different to the UK (where #1 was born), so I'm already more than a little apprehensive of giving birth here... We have made some friends here (obviously not massively close ones yet), so I would have some people to call if I did go into labour early to help me/look after #1. I've also booked a doula who could get here within the hour so I'd have support.

He'd love to go (it's a close friend, in a city he's always wanted to visit) and I think I could cope being heavily pregnant and a toddler (#1 will be 2.5 then) but I'm not sure I'm not being an utter fool agreeing to it... I'd feel dreadful if I banned him and then baby didn't arrive until 42wks!!

If I told him not to go, he wouldn't. But I know he really wants to!!

Any views? Am I a fool to agree or just the worthy recipient of a really lovely present on his return wink?!

ConfusedKiwi Sat 17-Nov-12 20:48:33

I would probably agree to him going as if you went to term last time you are probably unlikely to give birth significantly earlier with a second.

However, maybe check what the travel insurance deal is so that if at your midwife/obs appointment just before he goes if they tell you the baby is fully engaged (although even then they don't always arrive promptly) or if there are any blood pressure issues or other flags he can cancel.

He should also need to be prepared to cancel if at that point you feel things might be starting to happen or if you aren't feeling able to cope so the cost of the trip might need to be taken into account too.

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