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Body update - 28 weeks

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Meringue33 Sat 17-Nov-12 18:05:00

Toes - struggling to touch them.

Feet- not too swollen so far. One was sore, so was back, so went to NHS physio. She said I have one leg shorter than the other hmm and if it doesn't improve after pregnancy, I need to get special shoes!

Legs - lovely varicose veins bulging all over one calf. Some chafing between thighs. Not gained too much in size though.

Fanny - smells different. Not bad, just different. Hairier - too scared to go and see my usual sadistic wax lady.

Bladder - nightmare. Pelvic floor - need to exercise, can't seem to remember.

Bum - piles city. Extremely painful constipation, but maybe good practice for childbirth?

Hips - dry, chafing (can't find clothes to fit dammit)

Bump - hooray! It wiggles and I love this LO already. I think it is a girl.

Had bump waxed along with legs last time I was at the beautician. Yes I am naturally hairy and it has got much worse since pg! No sign of the 'linea nigra' though. And my inny is still an inny, just shallower than before.

Boobs - gone from 32D to 38E. Pendulous. Used to love and be very proud of my boobs. Not feeling they are very sexy atm. Nipples are huge, and something weird is happening, the pigment from my nipples is leaking into the skin around them, so the colour is turning brown, sort of tea leaf? Sore, flaky skin underneath boobs where chafed by bra and hard to get dry. Chafing on shoulder by straps.

Face, neck, arms, hair - unscathed so far. Though catch myself making a sort of mumsy face sometime IYSWIM (can't really explain)!!!

DangerMousey Sun 18-Nov-12 09:43:55

I love this post! An honest assessment of the 'wonder' of the pregnant body! I can add at 38 weeks:

Eyes: often full of angry, frustrated, tired tears cos I can never get comfortable - sitting standing or lying.

Boobs: no change in size whatsoever during this pregnancy, but now leaking colostrum at night.

Belly: massive wriggling bump. Love it! Deep innie has become an outie. Stretch marks like a hot rod on the underside of bump sad

Fanny: no idea, can't see it! Believe it is v hairy as have abandoned all attempts at grooming. Have added it to the list of things I will sort out "in the spring"...ha ha.

Feet: can't reach em, need help putting on socks. Bad times.

mrsbugsywugsy Sun 18-Nov-12 12:53:30

I am 30 weeks so I am a little further on than you.

Can I add that I have developed attractive broken veins on my neck & chest? Oh, and skin tags on my nipples.

My skin is lovely and soft though, I have been using coconut oil every couple of days, which is dirt cheap at the corner shop at the bottom of my road.

Are you sure you are a 38E now? If you are wearing them too loose around the back that explains why the shoulder straps are digging in (as the back band should be tight enough to hold the bra up by itself). I have mostly increased in the cups, only needed to go up one back size so far - I guess we're all different though.

sausagerolemodel Sun 18-Nov-12 12:58:01

Piles were my pregnancy nemesis. My arse sustained more damage than my fanjo during childbirth. hmm

SlightlyBabyCrazed Sun 18-Nov-12 19:13:40

Meringue - have you been using my odd? I could've written exactly the same - am 27+5!

SlightlyBabyCrazed Sun 18-Nov-12 19:14:24

Odd!!???! Should say body! Stupid iPhone grin

freerangelady Sun 18-Nov-12 19:22:49

Best post!!

I'm 29+5 and. Similar

sundaesundae Sun 18-Nov-12 19:30:13

Jesus, I am 22weeks with PFB, this all is to come, gulp!

bangersmashandbeans Sun 18-Nov-12 20:24:06

Also 28 weeks today and I concur!
Have attacked hairiness although obviously couldn't see so not sure how it looks but made me feel better!
Boobs are enormous and veiny, and nipples slightly crusty with leaking goo. Nice
Thighs are just fat.
Skin and nails looking good though.
Bump - big wiggley and amazing (apart from now outey belly button)
Just re read what I've written...been feeling upset that DH not keen on sex at the mo - cant really blame him can I?!

TwitchyTail Sun 18-Nov-12 23:34:39

The belly button issue scares me on a daily basis. I just imagine my baby pushing it out with its finger, night and day, with single-minded determination - "MUST give mummy an outie, mwah hah hah" hmm

stowsettler Mon 19-Nov-12 09:47:44

Great post. 27+5 here and have the following glamorous side effects:-

- Boobs: still in pre-preg bras (34G so thank God they've not got even bigger yet) although on last hook instead of first. Nips gone all brown (yuk) and just noticed VERY slight leakage in the last week. Gotta squeeze them though to see anything!

- Belly button: getting shallower by the day but still an innie. I suspect I may just get lucky on this one.

- Hairyness: much less hairy! Legs and pits hardly need doing these days. Foof still being groomed via strategically placed mirror - well more a quick trim than a proper grooming but at least if I go swimming I don't get a pant moustache.

- Skin: can't say I've noticed any change. So far no stretch marks but I think I can see one brewing on the bottom of bump.

- Arse: mercifully no piles as yet. Constipation on and off but that's normal for me anyway.

- Bump: bigger by the week. Can still put shoes and socks on though, thanks to ante-natal yoga. VERY wriggly but I'm hopeful she's going to be a good sleeper as she seems to nod off and wake up when I do!

- Sleep: well I'm still sleeping well, thanks to sleep patterns as above. But hate, hate HATE having to always be on my side (sleeping on back now quite uncomfortable, and with 34G whangers sleeping on my front has never been an option!) Both my shoulders are constantly sore during the day and I have to wake up to change sides.

Meringue33 Mon 19-Nov-12 20:54:00

Loving it! grin
Bugsy, thanks for that, will check again as you may be right, though it's what Mothercare lady measured. Had a little spot right under my bra strap that has now turned into a boil, its well sore!
Bangers - realised during discussion with DP that in my minds eye when feeling sexy I don't imagine myself as pg at all, just same as before! Hard for DP to feel the same though as he's looking at a whale!
Pmsl at pant moustache.... grin...

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