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Erm....I think I might be pregnant!

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Pondlily Sat 17-Nov-12 01:51:10

My boobs have been really sore for about a week, so bad I've bought a three pack of those ugly bras, I've always had tenderness before a period, but only for a day or so, I've also noticed a strange taste in my mouth, not enough to think much about it, until now, I've just read an early sign is a metallic taste, and that's the taste, couldn't put my finger on it before.

Slight twinges like mild period pains and wind.

I still don't want to believe it, I'm 39, this will be my first if I really am, but reading that about the metallic taste kinda made a light come on.

Early pregnancy symptoms REALLY feel like a period coming.....That's rather confusing.

I don't have anyone to tell, my husband is sleeping.


shock confused smile


MasterOfBuggerAll Sat 17-Nov-12 07:13:24

To be fair he is probably trying to not get his hopes up.

However an arse he is being, getting irrationally upset was another sign I was preg grin

Good luck pond

iloveholidays Sat 17-Nov-12 07:13:52

I don't know what to suggest, but everyone handles things differently - this is going to be HUGE for you both if it is positive. He'll need to come to terms with it as well...

I'm just trying to be objective but saying that I know I'd be feeling exactly the same as you.

NarcolepsyQueen Sat 17-Nov-12 07:14:35

You can pee into a clean pot or mug/glass and save it for the POAS!

Pondlily Sat 17-Nov-12 07:14:57

Lol, the tears were quite dramatic and have now gone :-D

iloveholidays Sat 17-Nov-12 07:15:50

If you've got any plastic tumblers you could wee in one of those and keep it.. I'm sure it wouldn't matter for a little while.

RikersBeard Sat 17-Nov-12 07:16:28

If you do some wee in a pot it'll still count as early morning wee. So you don't have to wait till you've got a test.

then get yourself off to the supermarket

Best of luck. Try not to be sad about DH not rushing off. I found mine didn't get excited about any of this stuff at first.

LookAtHerGo Sat 17-Nov-12 07:16:57

Good luck

Find a nice clean pot, pee in the pit, then you can dunk the stick in the pot in a little bit, saves you lying there desperate for a wee, and no chance of missing the stick when peeing. All of my POAS times were actually sticks I'd dunked in a pot.

Pondlily Sat 17-Nov-12 07:17:10

I don't have to do a test mid stream? Aren't all off the shelf ones mid stream??

LookAtHerGo Sat 17-Nov-12 07:18:27

Looks like I was beaten to the pee in a pot suggestion.

SpottyTeacakes Sat 17-Nov-12 07:19:06

Ooo marking my place fingers crossed for you OP. The tears sound promising!grin

AThingInYourLife Sat 17-Nov-12 07:19:40

"(Or woken my sister a mum of 3 under 7, I would NOT have been popular )"

You would have been smile

I have 3 under 5, I would have been overjoyed to take your call.

<fingers and toes crossed>

RikersBeard Sat 17-Nov-12 07:19:50

No, just collect some, I always found it easier that way anyway

I'd try a first response

LookAtHerGo Sat 17-Nov-12 07:20:10

Midstream means urine that is not the first tiny bit of wee that comes out. And all tests I've ever done have been ones you can also do in a pot. And I've done almost every make grin

Geordieminx Sat 17-Nov-12 07:20:36

(((Ticks off "emotional wreck" on list if symptoms))))))


yellowsubmarine53 Sat 17-Nov-12 07:20:52

I think mid-stream is to maximise the chances of the pregnancy hormone being present.

Being stored in a pot for a short time should be fine. Oh, and make sure that you get a twin pack, so that you can test again later if need be.

Good luck.

Op if you are pregnant talk to your mw about smoking. There's a lot of support for you to quit, you don't have to just use willpoweer.
Now...back to the important stuff

iloveholidays Sat 17-Nov-12 07:23:27

I've always peed in a pot first... Dread to think what mess is get myself into aiming onto a stick smile

phoenixrose314 Sat 17-Nov-12 07:24:37

Pot wee is best!! Do it do it do it!!! LOL so exciting smile

WeAreSix Sat 17-Nov-12 07:27:00

Exciting! Definitely get first response.

My DH also refused to go to supermarket to get me a pregnancy test... I had been 'sure' several times I was pregnant over the years of trying and never had been so he didn't think it was a bug deal.

We had a huge row and I flounced off in my pyjamas to Sainsburys to get a test.

I was pregnant :-)

Good luck!!

WeAreSix Sat 17-Nov-12 07:27:55

Big deal not bug deal!!

SpottyTeacakes Sat 17-Nov-12 07:31:50

My dp also refused to get me a test even though I'd been asking for a good few days. He didn't think I could be pregnant as I had a coil in. 34+2 currently grin

milkymocha Sat 17-Nov-12 07:32:20

How exciting! Iam another Pot Pee-r so that should be fine smile hurry up!!!

Geordieminx Sat 17-Nov-12 07:33:54

Pregnant with a coil!??? Fuck sakes!


Pondlily Sat 17-Nov-12 07:38:35

I have wee-ed but forgot to say i don't drive so there's still gonna be a wait.

Feel like i'm letting my public down grin

Ooh I missed the coil bit . Just abt to het one. Ooh

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