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Whipps Cross/Homerton Hospitals

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Dolallytats Thu 15-Nov-12 18:53:52

I am currently 5+1 weeks with No3. I know this might seem premature but I have been told that even though Whipps is my nearest hospital and my other 2 were born there, I have to have all my midwife appts at Homerton. This is because King George is closing and they are being taken on by Whipps-everyone at Whipps being transferred/taken on by Homerton (confused?!?)

My question is does anyone know if I will have to have the baby (all being well) at Homerton? I don't want to!!!

ninani Thu 15-Nov-12 21:32:01

I thought most women would be transferred to Queen's or other hospitals. Anyway I was asked and had chosen the hospital closest to me (which was full when I went into labour angry because they are closing). I thought you could choose!

BexGershon Thu 15-Nov-12 22:55:42

I think you can choose but will have to make it clear from the beginning!!!
The reason for all the changes is that Whipps is being taken over by Bart's. You will find that they have changed a lot of the old ways at Whipps as Bart's are now in charge.
I have found Whipps very good and was expecting very little from them but have been presently surprised!!
Good luck

LDNmummy Fri 16-Nov-12 01:20:32

Can I ask why you don't want to have your baby at the Homerton?

I had DD there and I don't think I could have had a better experience in an NHS hospital. I didn't want to when my GP first recommended it to me but I was so impressed with them after going for a tour of the facilities and meeting some of the midwives and doctors.

Up until then I had only heard horror stories about the Homerton so I was wondering if that is why you are apprehensive?

Heartstart Fri 16-Nov-12 01:24:02

How about harlow

Dolallytats Fri 16-Nov-12 05:34:46

Thanks everyone, I shall make sure they know I want the baby at Whipps. LDN, I have heard that Homerton is a great hospital it's just that both my other children were born in Whipps (as was I!!). Also, I had a horrible pregnancy with DC2 and was in hospital for most of it and the staff were so fantastic that I really would like to stay there if I can.

For practical reasons it is also easier to get there as I live less that 10 mins from there. I am also agoraphobic which means it is easier to get to-although these two reasons are not the main one, I really think, after last time, they are the best hospital!!

Gooseysgirl Fri 16-Nov-12 06:16:20

For all the reasons you mention insist on Whipps. However the Homerton is also great.. A friend had her son there during the summer, EMCS and NICU and the care was fantastic. My closest is Whipps but I chose to go to Harlow which was fantastic. Hoping to go back there again when we conceive DC2. Am glad you had a good experience at Whipps OP, most of my local mum friends weren't happy with their experience there at all but I think it was quite busy when we all had our babies and staffing levels not great. If I'm told I can't go to Harlow next time I will be requesting Homerton.

LDNmummy Fri 16-Nov-12 13:10:55

Ah I see, I was wondering if you were put off by all the horror stories of Homerton from days of yore smile I was horribly put off by them.

I think your reasons are valid enough to request Whipps over the Homerton.

When I was having my DD I saw the Homerton midwives throughout because I had opted to have her there specifically. My GP said that if I changed my mind about having DD there, I could choose a different hospital later on.

Dolallytats Fri 16-Nov-12 13:59:13

I'll definately ask if I can have the baby, no horror stories!! Goosey, the hospital was really busy when I was last there too, but I just can't fault the care I recieved. I think most hospitals (regardless of the depatment thanks to closures) are oversubscribed a lot of the time. It's a real shame.

flomeister Wed 21-Nov-12 17:47:28

Have you considered having your baby at home with the Homerton? Same midwife throughout, antenatal at home and an excellent team.

Dolallytats Wed 21-Nov-12 21:01:02

Flo, having a homebirth is not something I really want to consider. No1 had the cord wrapped round her neck and No2 was a high risk pregnancy because of frequent very heavy bleeding-I just don't want to take any chances!! If the first two had been 'normal', I would have thought about it, but I just like the reassuring medical stuff all around me!!

happy2bhomely Wed 21-Nov-12 21:41:59

I'm interested to read this! I am 12 weeks pregnant with dc 5. I had dc1,2 and 3 at whipps and then had dc4 at home 2 years ago.

I have still not had a booking appointment and I've left messages with whipps asking for the community midwives to contact me, but I haven't heard a thing yet!

JoJoCK Thu 22-Nov-12 20:26:31

My understanding with this is that it is the community midwife service that is changing, and not your choice of where to give birth. I have just been changed from Whipps red team to the orange team (I'm 30 + 5). Re your booking appointment I would recommend getting your gp to arrange as my experience is that the Whipps community midwife team do not return calls!

JoJoCK Thu 22-Nov-12 20:27:54

Sorry, my message is a reply to happy2behomely

happy2bhomely Fri 23-Nov-12 13:19:48

Thanks jojo. I received a call yesterday for my booking. Appointment on Sunday at 9:30!

So, if I'm requesting a home birth, are the changes likely to affect my care or not?

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