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Lactobacillus / Cytolytic vagnosis - Any one any info???

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zoeymlucas Thu 15-Nov-12 12:15:40

Just wondering if anyone has had or knows anything about the above as Dr Google isnt very helpful at all! Am 23 +1 with DS3 and have cervical suture in from 14 weeks due to 2 previous prem babies trying to come at 22 and 23 weeks but managing to get to 28 and 33 weeks. I went for a check up with consultant last week and they found infection in my urine and were a bit panic'd as cerivix had already shortened by 7mm in 2 weeks so they sent if off for further tests and offered to keep me in for 3 weeks on bed rest until I am 25 week.

It has taken a week to get results as consultant is now away and midwife is useless to be told I have lactobacillus at levels above 10 which the highest and I need URGENT anitbiotics but the doctor has no appointments today so ring back later to make sure they have had chance to do perscription for me and they dont know what it is - HELPFUL!!!!

Any info would be great x

Noren Thu 15-Nov-12 12:30:25

It's also known as bacterial vaginosis. Vaginas normally have lactobacillus living in them (this prevents yeast infections) so it's just an imbalance of what is normally there. So the antibiotics will kill them off and hopefully restore balance.

More info:

Lisafrankie2012 Thu 15-Nov-12 13:36:07

I had this before and had to insert an antibiotic cream called dalacin, the generic name is clindamycin ??? Not sure on spelling, but i too had a prem birth at 24 weeks and was given dalacin in my subsequent two pregnancies from 14-24 weeks as a precaution x

Cmarie2015 Sun 20-Sep-15 11:32:08

I used to consume a lot of raw garlic, onions, jalepeno peppers, yogurt, ginger, and lemons. I also suffered from extreme Cytolytic vaginosis for years. Symptoms stopped a few days after I stopped consuming these items. I not consume them moderately but more than that, cytolytic vaginosis arises I temporarily break away from those items.

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