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Cramps in early pregnancy

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dejags Mon 05-Jan-04 22:33:56

I am very newly pregnant and probably being a bit paranoid. I have had such a sore tummy tonight - it feels like trapped wind, my tummy is hard and bloated (looks like I am 3 months gone when I am only just four weeks )

Is this normal?

dinosaur Mon 05-Jan-04 22:49:11

I think so dejags. I'm 10 weeks and have been very windy! (we need an embarrassed blushing emoticon here!)

Congrats and good luck.

twiglett Mon 05-Jan-04 22:55:04

message withdrawn

Levanna Tue 06-Jan-04 01:50:16

Hi dejags, same here! I was really quite worried, then I read on the 'due in August' thread, that a lot of people seem to get this in early pregnancy. (And I'm pleased to hear - thanks twiglett! - that it tends to be worse with the second ) - from about a week after conception, to just the other day (7 weeks now ) I had all sorts of strange cramps and pains, and I found it really hard to work out what was caused by excess wind (could do with one of dinosaurs blushing emoticons too!) and what wasn't. If you're ever really worried though, your GP or local hospital are bound to be sympathetic, and do all they can to put your mind at rest.

handlemecarefully Tue 06-Jan-04 08:55:30

I too was quite fruity with the old bottom burps during the early stages of pregnancy!

Thankfully has settled down now

prettycandles Tue 06-Jan-04 13:56:58

dejags, drink loads of fennel tea. It's harmless (can give it to newborn babies) and very very effective for downstairs wind when drunk regularly.

dinny Wed 09-Jul-08 15:07:49

I feel EXACTLY like this - is it worse with subsequent pregnancies, anyone know?


ranirani Mon 14-Jul-08 14:25:22

The same here. It really gts to you, especially in the middle of the night, when you are in bed thinking is it a MC or just plain wind grin . I usually wait a bit and then it ecomes clear; yep, once again , it is just bloating. I guess we have just to roll with it. Is itreally gonna get worse??? shock I am 8 weeks PG

tinkhasagorgeousbean Mon 14-Jul-08 15:50:42

i had awful wind 8wks - 10 wks very uncomfortable
no wind now am 14 wks on thurs

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