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Baby shower ideas??

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Walshydotwan Wed 14-Nov-12 20:13:43

Hi Guys

Having a small baby shower at the weekend and I was wondering if you have any ideas for games and activities we can all do? Never really had a party without the influence of alcohol before lol.


Aimeelou28 Thu 15-Nov-12 09:08:14

Hi there
I haven't had my baby shower yet but my sister-in-law had a couple of ideas of games when we were chatting about it, one was getting different jars of baby food and making people do a blind taste test and guess what flavour it was!
Also you could have a competition to guess a) the date the baby will be born and b) the baby's weight. When all is revealed later on the winner of each category will get a small box of chocolates or something!
Also print out pictures of celebrity babies and children and get people to match the baby to a celebrity parent, prize for the person or team who get the most right

BonaDea Thu 15-Nov-12 09:46:10

I'm surprised that people in the UK have baby showers. Aren't they an American thing?

Walshydotwan Thu 15-Nov-12 22:44:09

Thanks aimeelou thats some great ideas... Yeah they have baby showers here too even in scotland lol... I am making mine like a slumber party/ baby shower just to say goodbye to the old me and hello to the new more sensible me now smile

Runningblue Fri 16-Nov-12 06:26:21

I just had a surprise baby shower laid on for me which was lovely!
My friends did some clever little games.
1 guess the baby. They'd pinned up photos of themsellves as well as their children when babies/toddlers, so we had to guess which baby was who. It was really good fun and fascinating too!
2 a 'meaning of names' bingo - someone had prepared a grid with the meaning of all the names of the children and mums in our group. We had to match the name to the meaning. Did you know stanley means 'rocky meadow'?!
3 a music quiz, name that tune style, where we heard the intro and had to write the answer down. All songs had a baby mentioned in the title.

they were all good fun, and good to keep us chatting too!

GTbaby Fri 16-Nov-12 06:46:14

We had everyone in groups of 5. We had a quiz. ( went online n took questions from different quizzes available) To get ppl chatting as it was a mix if friends & family who didn't all know each other.
We gave every group ribbon n they guessed the measurement around my bump. Everyone guessed bigger Lol. Don't do this if ur sensitive about ur size.
We had a baby bottle drinking contest. Bought 4 bottles from pound shop put juice inside.
Each group got a muslin and fabric paints. And decorated the muslin. This was actually very popular! N I got some lovely keepsakes. We also had plain bibs to decorate which was popular.

I enjoyed my baby shower so much. It was really a great way to see friends n family n catch up before the craziness of my LO being here.

EdithWeston Fri 16-Nov-12 06:53:11

If you're arranging the party, presumably you're best friend/sister of the pregnant person.

You are really going to have to think hard about what the honouree actually likes. Runningblue's ideas look pretty good though. You might want to check too if she doesn't want any alcohol there at all (though it is kind of you to show solidarity with her), but a small amount of champagne for a toast might be acceptable.

BikeRunSki Fri 16-Nov-12 07:02:10

Guess Mummy's girth

NaomiKnees Fri 16-Nov-12 11:07:27

We did the baby food jar thing at my sister's shower, it actually tasted pretty good!

Baby bottle drinking game sounds good, I might drop some hints for my shower!

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