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Pregnant with no. 3 / 4 / 5..?! Thread #2

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LimeLeafLizard Tue 13-Nov-12 16:46:16

If you're pregnant with your third / fourth / fifth DC, come and chat.

This probably should be in antenatal clubs now (?) but I wanted to post this in the same place as the old thread so we can all find it!

Here is the old thread

cazboldy Tue 12-Mar-13 08:13:53

lol countmyblessings - my youngest will be 6 in April...... i'm worried i will have forgotten!!

This one was a "surprise" grin

Countmyblessings Mon 11-Mar-13 22:48:20

Congrats Caz on no.6- your a veteran to this all!!!!

Pinkbump3 Mon 11-Mar-13 17:11:03

wow cazboldy 6 congratulations! smile

cazboldy Sun 10-Mar-13 21:52:08

Hello all - lovely thread! smile

I am around 10 wks pg with number 6 smile

Oodsigma Sun 10-Mar-13 21:46:06

Oh I'm being v cautious after the last few months of not moving & living off painkillers I'm not risking going back!

Countmyblessings Sun 10-Mar-13 21:07:11

Look after yourself ood I have been acting like superwoman and considering I had major surgery I really should just rest up!

Happy mother day to everyone new, soon or looking forwards to!!!!

Oodsigma Sun 10-Mar-13 13:42:35

spring 1/2 oz lighter than dd2 but she was 2 weeks further.

We got home yesterday and I'm feeling much better. Sore from stitches but have walked a few steps without crutches !!! I'm more aware this time of needing more rest. Had mw this am and BP down so hopefully it was hospital making it raised. Main problem at the moment is sleepy baby not feeding for long/often so stripping and trying to wind him up at the moment.

LimeLeafLizard Fri 08-Mar-13 23:13:56

Ood, many congratulations! thanks Well done!

AppleCrumples Fri 08-Mar-13 17:35:45

Ood felix is such a lovely name x

Pinkbump3 Fri 08-Mar-13 16:55:06

Congratulations Ood ! Welcome baby Felix!

SpringFlowers Fri 08-Mar-13 14:43:03

A lovely name Ood, I would have been happy with a Felix! Hope it is going well. Was he the heaviest of all your children? My boy was way heavier than the girls.

Countmyblessings Fri 08-Mar-13 13:42:19

Welcome Felix!

Oodsigma Fri 08-Mar-13 12:52:00

spring Felix!

Countmyblessings Thu 07-Mar-13 23:22:23

Congrats Ood- and welcome to the world to your boy!

SpringFlowers Thu 07-Mar-13 19:05:40

Congratulations Ood, I hope it's all going well. We have virtually the same combination of children of the same ages! I understand if you don't want to post his name, but would you mind pm me (idle curiosity!)

AppleCrumples Thu 07-Mar-13 18:05:17

Yay congratulations ood hope everything went well. Wow a boy after 3 girls! X

Oodsigma Thu 07-Mar-13 17:42:16

Hi everyone.
Baby Ood was a boy ( after 3 girls!) and was born at 9:41 this am.

Countmyblessings Wed 06-Mar-13 23:22:02

Ood - hope all is well with you, you must be having loads of baby cuddles and just relieved its all over!!!!
I was in a bit of pain but decided to stop the medications due to me bf!
Although not sure if pain was from the CS or SPD still!
Well finally HV contacted me about my discharge app!!!
MW has been around on Monday baby lost abit more weight but this is understandable due to long sleeps and not much eating!
She amazes me everyday and stays awake just looking around!
Hope everyone else is ok!
Hi to apple & lime.

Pinkbump3 Wed 06-Mar-13 19:19:48

Bee how are you feeling I'm 12 weeks tmrw but feel awful was hoping I would have picked up by now sad I get the feeling this pregnancy is going to take it toll on me.

Ood sounds like you've had a tough time of it x

Oodsigma Wed 06-Mar-13 16:12:03

This is number 4. Only dd3 was with a spinal though as dd1s didn't work and dd2 was an emergency and I wasn't very controllable hit the doctor who tried to give me an internal .
Took a long time to get over dd2s birth& stay and hospitals still make me v stressed despite dd3s being as perfect as a section could be if we ignore the anaesthetic spreading instead of wearing off!

AppleCrumples Wed 06-Mar-13 16:05:34

Ood you will be fine and rewarded with lots of snuggly baby cuddles. Have you had cs before? X

Oodsigma Tue 05-Mar-13 20:50:14

Pain actually more manageable last few days. Whether that's psychological or baby's position I don't know but I'm surviving on less pain relief ( bit worried about withdrawal even though consultant said its unlikely).
The 'oh shit I'm going in hospital and having an op' had hit tonight and I keep panicking

AppleCrumples Tue 05-Mar-13 19:27:22

Thanks ood. How are you doing? Not long left to go for you now x

Oodsigma Tue 05-Mar-13 11:55:33

Happy Birthday apples smile

AppleCrumples Tue 05-Mar-13 11:26:07

Hello ladies

Congratulations count glad to hear she is good. Have to say my post natal care from mw was practically non existent and i had to keep chasing them up. Hv was much better and really seemed to care. Hope someones been out now x

lime it has taken a little while ti get settled but now its fallinh into place. Really hope your health problems get sorted,glad to hear gp supportive. This time goes so fast.

Ivy is now 9 weeks and had her first jabs today. I'm 33 today and not impressed i had to do thst on my birthday sad going to post pone any celebrations til dh.has a day off (if i'm lucky i may get to wash my hair today - oh the glamour grin

<<waves to anyone i missed>>

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