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Pregnant with no. 3 / 4 / 5..?! Thread #2

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LimeLeafLizard Tue 13-Nov-12 16:46:16

If you're pregnant with your third / fourth / fifth DC, come and chat.

This probably should be in antenatal clubs now (?) but I wanted to post this in the same place as the old thread so we can all find it!

Here is the old thread

AppleCrumples Thu 17-Jan-13 18:46:15

Tbh i had a hard time at the beginning
and ending up in hospital at 20 weeks didn't help! it realky was all absolutely worth it tho smile

Becky the most important thing is that you and dh are happy about it. My dh was fab all the way through - mostly because he thinkd he has super sperm and was pleased with himself hmm glad to hear your best mate is supportive that helps x

lime yours was probably more helpful i just don't do pregnancy very well grin

Oodsigma Thu 17-Jan-13 19:21:07

hi becky wasn't ignoring you before just missed your post. tryIng to do too much at once

Cravingtomatoes Thu 17-Jan-13 19:29:20

Congratulations Spring & Vodka - hope you and your babies are both doing well.

Hi Becky - sorry to hear you're worried about telling your mum. My mum wasn't happy when I told her I was having DC4 (I'm 39 for Christ's sake!) and didn't mention the pg at all for the whole 9 months not even to ask about scans etc. DC was born at end of Nov and she completely changed to being a doting gran once he was born. Hopefully your mum will be the same. And I second what was said above - as long as you and DH are happy, sod what anyone else thinks!

Sam sorry to hear things are even more stressful after the scan. It must be so worrying for you. Keeping everything crossed for you that everything goes smoothly for you, and that your DS is born not too early and nice and healthy. Is there a medical reason the Consultant is insisting on a VBAC? Thanks for the advice about settling dS. I think it's definitely colic as he's getting worse sad. The sling works brilliantly (thank goodness it's a comfy one) and he's better lying on my chest - I'm just afraid he'll roll off when I move (I'm a dreadful sleeper).

Lime really hope you get your HB. The last few weeks are so hard. Hopefully the fact you're having a girl means she won't be as big as your DSs were... Here's hoping and I hope you get through the lat few weeks ok.

Apart from the colic we're doing well here. DS is 7wks now and the sweetest baby! Hope everyone else is doing well too.

Cravingtomatoes Thu 17-Jan-13 19:31:56

Ood how long have you got to go now and how's your SPD?

Apple grin at your DH feeling chuffed with his super sperm - mine was the same!

Oodsigma Thu 17-Jan-13 21:35:18

craving 8 weeks , SPD worse. Can walk around the house with crutches (room to room rsther than for long)but that's it , can stand without for a shower and now have a wheelchair for going out. Making me v frustrated & low

Cravingtomatoes Thu 17-Jan-13 22:02:20

Ood shock how awful for you, poor you. Not surprised it's bringing you down - you must be in agony. Really hope DC comes a little bit early and you're getting lots of help with the other DCs.

Oodsigma Thu 17-Jan-13 22:35:22

Section is booked for 38 weeks which is another 7 weeks.

LimeLeafLizard Thu 17-Jan-13 22:35:56

Blimey Ood that is tough for you... I am frustrated enough with my discomforts, can't imagine not being able to go out. Poor you. I second everything craving has said about hoping baby comes a little bit (safely) early and that you're getting help with the kids. Who does your school run then?

Craving nice to hear from you too! It is good that the thread is going again. Can't believe your DS is 7 weeks already! Hope his colic improves soon.

Stay safe in the snow, everyone...

Cravingtomatoes Thu 17-Jan-13 23:38:03

Ood I hope that the next few weeks go quickly for you. It's so unfair you have to go through all this added agony to the already difficult task of being heavily pg. Can't wait to read your post that your DC is here & hope that your symptoms ease quickly after.

Thanks Lime! Sure he will settle soon. Time's definitely flying - trying to make it slow down a bit as this is our last DC sad but it's not working. Your DD will be here before you know it too. Are your DSs excited? Yes it's good to see thread again. Really hope it snows here tonight (not had any yet) or DCs 1&2 will not be happy

Oodsigma Fri 18-Jan-13 04:57:04

Dd1 takes herself and dd2 should take herself but can't be trusted has dh in the mornings and my parents in the evening.
I keep 'comforting' myself with the fact that it's only me that's limited apart from dh putting up with me, baby is fine & well and dds have other people getting them out.

SpringFlowers Fri 18-Jan-13 10:58:59

Hello Everyone, thank you for all the lovely messages. It is going ok and I feel more 'well' than I was expecting which is good. Baby doesn't entirely get the idea of day and night so I am quite tired. He wants to feed all the time which is quite draining and which has left my poor boobs wrecked. I think his latch is ok but I might need help if it doesn't improve. The Big Sisters have all been amazing including the two year old which has been lovely. Dd1 is home today as we think if she goes to school she won't be able to get home. She is quite a good helper at 14 so it's worked out well smile. My birth experience wasn't great but things are settling down more now and I am starting to feel better about it. The baby is so lovely and I am really enjoying newborn snuggles.

cherrypiew4 Fri 18-Jan-13 16:28:00


It's been a while since I have posted dd keeping me very busy.

Congratulations Spring and Vodka

Ood Sorry to hear that the spd is really bad at least there is an end in sight now that you have a date for your section.

Craving I am with you on the time flying by dd is now 4 weeks and I am trying to enjoy every day with her she is also our last.sad How is your ds during the night now is he starting to settle down?

Sam Thinking about you.

Apples how many weeks is your dd now think you had her pretty close to me having dd, glad to hear she is doing well.

Lime I think it does get a bit scary towards the end it suddenly becomes very real, fx for your home birth.

Well dd finally seems to be settling at night although I dare not say to much. After almost 5 weeks at home dh goes back to work on Monday I am dreading it I have not really done any school runs and if I have dh has been with me, and life has been so easy having him at home.

We have loads of snow here today so dh and the boys have been out most of the day.

Cravingtomatoes Fri 18-Jan-13 16:55:37

Cherry good to hear your dd is settling better at night - it must be a relief to be sleeping better. I hope your school runs go ok when your DH goes back to work. We're lucky not to have to do them, and I guess it will take some getting used to. I'm sure once you're all in a routine it will get easier? Good luck with that. No, ds is not settling at night. I think he has colic and it seems to be getting worse. We'll get there in the end, though!

Spring glad you're doing ok though sorry to hear you had a difficult labour. Hope you're getting lots of rest in the day despite the sleepless nights.

Hope everyone's coping with the snow!

LimeLeafLizard Fri 18-Jan-13 17:07:44

There is quite a lot of snow here too... having been longing to get to the 37 week 'term' milestone in the hope that baby might come a bit early, I'm now hoping to goodness she doesn't come until the snow has melted, just in case we can't get to hospital / MWs can't get here / family can't come and collect the boys!

Great to hear your news Cherry, glad your DD is settling better now. Maybe with all the snow your school run will be further delayed?!

Spring sorry to hear that the birth didn't go so well for you. It is lovely that your DDs are all happy to have their little brother, your DD1 sounds very helpful! Funny to think that a year ago we were posting on the TTC threads!

AppleCrumples Fri 18-Jan-13 19:07:14

cherry ivy is 2 weeks now. Glad to hear dd settling well. I will join you in school runs as dh back at work on tues night - am a little nervous!

spring sorry to hear birrh was hard. Hope your gettinf some rest now.

ood poor you it must be a relief to have a date when it will def b all over.

lime so close to the finishing line! i had ivy at 37 weeks exactly so you never know tho i understand your worry about snow etc. I had to get taxi to hosp at 11 on mew years eve which was scary as their pretty busy then!

Ivy had to come to ds1 merit assembly today. We got a massivr awww from yhe other parents thrn had to leave early when she needed feeding!

Countmyblessings Sun 20-Jan-13 20:57:42

Ood - my heart really goes out to you the spd sounds awful I dare not complain about mine as I can still get around and so independant and no need for any assistance!!! I have another 7 weeks am really hoping baby will come early about a week which is still fine for me! The snow is no joke and the school sent text saying they may have to close early so thinking why bother send ds8 to only have to collect him early! Did that on Friday!!! Also ds2 has scarlet fever so have had no sleep for 3 nights as so restless and clingy!!! It's a fight to give him his med its nasty!
For all who have had babies I can't wait for baby snuggles and hugs and all that good stuff that erases the last 9 months!!!!

Sams4lo Thu 24-Jan-13 07:39:34

Sorry ladies not been on for a while sad ood poor you with spd sad

having to record bp twice a day! Damn doctors are getting on my wick now and my cpn is involved as I'm getting so low! Last time the drs mucked me around so much I wanted to cut him out at 28 weeks! So now worried I will feel this way again sad drs are saying that I can go into spontaneous labour at 39 weeks shock I've always been induced and last time was a csection at 34 weeks! All this stress is causing awful headaches and stress, am so worried! And to top things off my spd has started and am laid up in bed!

With dc2 I had pain post delivery for 10 months and the physio with dc3 said to have a section and the drs ignored her so with dc3 my spd it was so bad I had pain for 2 year post delivery and felt something go during delivery, then dc4 was a csection and had crutches for 3 weeks, it was amazing, still had physio for my spinal condition for a few months but nothing like dc3!

What do I do? I'm so worried sad do I push for a section or have an induction? My OCD is in overdrive and am scared to make the decision sad any thoughts are welcomed smile x

Oodsigma Thu 24-Jan-13 08:49:04

I would ask to see a different consultant. Get a second opinion. I would want to be clear on the risks of a VBAC against a planned section. Can the CPN support you at an appt. it's v easy to get talked down and questions not answered by Drs especially when you are anxious.

LimeLeafLizard Fri 25-Jan-13 16:32:45

Sorry I've not posted much as been ill and ended up in hospital last night. Now posting from my bed and can't type well on tablet thingy. Still feel crap but baby is ok. Just want to be well and delivered of healthy baby!

Sam you sound in a really bad way, puts my probs into perspective. I'm Not with it enough to offer good advice but have you thought about starting a thread on here specific to your situation. think you need some help you sound overwhelmed. Have a brew and a hug from me.

Oodsigma Fri 25-Jan-13 17:25:35

How long left lime ?

LimeLeafLizard Fri 25-Jan-13 18:22:20

38 weeks today, so officially 2 weeks to go. Had hoped early sweeps might mean early labour but am not strong enough to push out a baby atm so hope she hangs on until I am.

Oodsigma Fri 25-Jan-13 19:02:24

Not too bad then. Enough time to recover hopefully.

Cravingtomatoes Sat 26-Jan-13 18:58:25

Sam sorry to hear about all the stress you're under. Ditto what Ood said about getting a second opinion and knowing exactly why they are advising a VBAC through induction. Your SPD sounds horrendous and I can see why you may want to have a CS earlier than 39 weeks. Hopefully once you have all the facts you can then make an informed decision. You're having such a difficult time - really hope the next few weeks go quickly for you.

Lime sorry too to hear you've been ill in hospital. I hope that both you and baby are okay? Hope you're better now and home again. Again, I hope that you get an earlier birth than the last ones. The last weeks are so hard without the added illnesses etc. Sending labour vibes your way.

Countmy hope the last few weeks go quickly for you too. It won't be long until you're cuddling your LOs and these difficult pgs will be a distant memory.

We're ok. DS seems to spend a lot of time a sleep, and wants to be held all the time. It's fine during the day but hard at night. Co-sleeping is the only way forward!

cherrypiew4 Wed 30-Jan-13 16:13:28


Lime and Sam How are you both doing?

Have had a busy 2 weeks here dh back at work and I am struggling to find a routine. Dd is hard work at night finding it hard getting her to go down its early hours of the morning before she goes to sleep. Then I have to wake her for the school run.

Hope everyone is well.

cherrypiew4 Wed 30-Jan-13 16:15:32

Craving how is the co-sleeping working out? Dh works nights and I am thinking about trying it.

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