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Dar Lord, can I not even have a Strepsil???!

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emeraldgirl1 Tue 13-Nov-12 15:46:10

Agonising throat, managing to dull the very worst of it with paracetemol but that wears off and I don't want to take it for days!!

So I bought some Strepsils (original) only to read on the info leaflet that you shoudlnt' have them while pg!!

Is this pharmacy risk averseness gone too far or could they actually be harmful, even if only mild risk?

Halls soothers are just not cutting it and I am getting miserable here... sad

SkinnyMarinkADink Tue 13-Nov-12 16:42:34

Get some tirozets. they are in a yellow tube and work wonders.

nannyl Tue 13-Nov-12 16:55:39

i was told by pharmacist that normal strepsils are fine while pg, just not "strepsil plus" or "strepsil extra" type ones

PeshwariNaan Tue 13-Nov-12 17:09:25

Ask the pharmacist which cough sweets a pregnant woman can have. Mine only had one option - just regular cough sweets without any medication in.

BelgianBun82 Tue 13-Nov-12 17:16:05

I was told by midwife in last pregnancy honey and lemon lockets were fine. But not too many as there is a laxative type substance in them.

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