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Mild hip pain, like cramping starting and getting worse at 22 weeks

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milkyjo Tue 13-Nov-12 14:43:17

I have pain in both hips, sometimes together, sometimes at different times and it feels like cramp. I did not get this in my first pregnancy and it seems to be getting more frequent as the weeks pass by. I work on my feet all day for long periods (12-13 hours) 3 times a week. I presume my pelvis is growing/spreading - but I thought this may have already happened with my first pregnancy <2years ago? Is this something that is likely to get much worse as I am only really halfway through this pregnancy! Any advice would be greatly appreciated thanks.

PineapplePol Tue 13-Nov-12 18:56:08

My advice, as someone who is now only mobilising with crutches at 32 weeks is seek help early. I had spd in my first pregnancy nealry 5 years ago and recognised the symptoms coming on for a few weeks in this one, but because it wasn't severe, neither my GP or midwife would refer me to the physio. This is very frustrating because the right advice, exercises and support could have prevented things getting as bad as they are now. Acupuncture helped me with deep muscle pain and an osteopath is slowly and gently straightening me out. My hips were so twisted that she was at least able to give the good news it would not get any worse. Do look after yourself and seek help now. If your GP/MW wont refer you to a women's health physio, try and find an osteopath - it's been worth every penny just to get some pain relief and be able to do some short walks again. (waddling on the school run mainly). The physio has also been keen I sit on a birthing ball regularly throughout the day as this gently tones the abdominal and pelvic floor muscles, all of which help stabilise the pelvis. All of the professionals I have seen have commented that it would have been better to have seen me earlier. Please don't let it become agonising - it is miserable and help is out there. It can deteriorate quite quickly once you get to a certain point. Get help now for those cramping muscles and joints would be my advice. Hope all goes well.

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