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Urinery Retention and a UTI

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paddycat1 Tue 13-Nov-12 14:26:56

Hi I am 16 weeks pregnant now and over the weekend have had the most uncomfortable experience of finding out I have urine retention and got to take antibiotics to fight a UTI.

Walking around in a catheter is no fun and the burning sensation is uncomfy and the only benefit is having time of work because as a Health care Assistant I can't possibly work like this!

yet what disturbs me is not once at A & E did they check that my baby is ok and I am just assuming that bump is! I am going back tomorrow to be assessed by the Uro Gynaecologist Nurse.

Yesterday I had a bit of blood but was told this was normal due to the Urethra being irratated and no further bleeding would happen. I would much rather have heartburn and be tired or even nauseaus than this!

Has anyone else or is anyone else going through this right now?

Concerned newbie mum to be

growyourown77 Tue 13-Nov-12 15:10:22

Hi paddycat. Spooky! I am going through this right now and it's quite unusual (normally pregnant ladies are peeing too much). It's a relief (excuse the pun) to find someone else going through the same.

I've on my 3rd catheter in 4 weeks, been mucked about by three hospitals and too amny junior doctors and no one from obstetrics yet. MW has been amazing and supportive, but largely DH and I have had to advocate (question/argue/cry etc) for ourselves to get further investigations.

I'm FINALLY seeing a urology consultant this Thursday. I've had loads of tests, only got the UTI (soooo painful) this weekend due to having catheter in (oh, the irony) so on antibiotics again.

Retention sucks and I had the same thing where no one would tell me if the baby was ok, so we booked a private scan the other weekend just to make sure.

There is some, limited info on the web about people with retroverted uteruses having this from 12-14 to 17-20 weeks then it righting itself after baby gets big enough to pull the uterus upright again. The retroverted uterus is basically pulling the bladder and stops hte muscle from letting the urine out.

I'm in a tricky situation where I ahve past NHS documents saying conflicting things - one says I have a anteverted uterus (Nov last year, ectopic surgery) and a scan from early in this pregnancy says it was retroverted. The sonographer said she couldn't tell at this I'm non the wiser at the moment.

If you think this might be you, do some searches on google scholar for this and you'll fine a couple of medical papers that you could show your midwife or doctor. But there's only limited things they can try to resolve it and it'll mostly be a case of catheters and waiting. Take a look for yourself and ask for it to be investigated though, as my midwife said, you shouldn't have to suffer or put up with not knowing, esp if you didn't have any bladder problems before pregnancy.

PM me if you want to chat offline.

17 weeks today!

showtunesgirl Tue 13-Nov-12 15:30:27

You both have my sympathies. My experience was different as I went into UR AFTER the birth of my DD and was very frightened and annoyed and how little info there was out there.

Having a catheter in totally sucks.

paddycat1 Tue 13-Nov-12 15:39:26

Thankyou grow your own what does pm mean though?

showtunesgirl Tue 13-Nov-12 15:42:25

On the blue ribbon where your name is above each post, on the far right is Message Poster.

paddycat1 Tue 13-Nov-12 15:45:40

Hi many thanks grow your own 77 for your heads up and it is reassuring to know that someone else out there is going through the same stuff. I do not know what you mean by PM me do you mean phone you? or text you as I do not know your details?

SkinnyMarinkADink Tue 13-Nov-12 16:46:05

Hi i had this at 11 weeks, in the end i had the consultant teach me how to self catherterise.

Do you have a tilted uterus by any chance? i researched and found this was the cause. was a horrible time and i ended up losing 2 stone!

All ended at about 17 weeks. the hospital also refused to check on the baby the whole time i was there, i had to beg my midwife at 16 weeks to look for a heart beat.

growyourown77 Tue 13-Nov-12 17:00:27

paddycat glad to chat to you via PM now...lets see if you can get some answers.

skinny seems like you had the similar thing - no one to check on's rotten. I found out that many hospital trusts have a 'Bermuda triangle' that pregnant women 14-16 weeks fall into - EPU doesn't take you after 13 weeks, maternity doesn't want you until 16+ weeks so you get passed pillar to post in between.

We are lucky and could afford a private scan to reassure and baby is ok, it's just me and my bladder in a quandry! confused

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