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Horrid hip pain in bed at this what people mean by being hideously uncomfortable towards the end??

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DangerMousey Tue 13-Nov-12 08:56:46

Seriously, I think I can manage about 1 hour's sleep on either side, before waking with whatever hip I'm lying on in total agony! And then rolling over is like turning a supertanker. And pretty painful too. Feels like a horrible combination of cramp and muscle strain, but think it's just my massive baby squashing my pelvis??

Obvs sleeping on my front is out, and lying on my back makes me feel breathless and sick. I am already: sleeping on top of a folded duvet and a row of pillows like the princess and the pea. Plus I have a pillows shoved under my bump, between my knees and under my feet.

There's nothing else I can do about this, is there?? Any other sufferers out there fancy a moan? Hopefully not much longer to go now...

Offcolour Tue 13-Nov-12 09:07:54

I get this - I take paracetamol for it and I do actually then get sleep (sometimes get up in night to take more). Recommended by the GP. The other obvious thing is to sleep with a pillow between your legs, it helps keep your pelvis right. Good luck!

terilou87 Tue 13-Nov-12 10:21:25

iv had it since about 25 weeks now 40+6 i got mine diagnosed as spd and it is agony i had physio for it but at 37 week i dont know if youll get it in time takes around 3 week to get an appointment. as offcolour said try sleeping with a pillow between your legs and when you turn over in bed straiten your legs it makes it less painfull. smile

WitchesTit Tue 13-Nov-12 11:19:03

Ouch i really feel for you. I have it and I have another 10 weeks to go! I lay for about 20 minutes before the pressure on my hips causes me to cramp up and roll over with a big clunking noise, all night.

I had the same last pregnancy and was diagnosed with SPD but beyond offering me crutches (I refused! I'm not an invalid) the hospital gave me some physio. It didn't work really so I'm just putting up with it this time.

Amnewtoallthis Tue 13-Nov-12 11:27:32

I started to get shooting pains around 35 weeks with DD1, I didn't take anything but I did end up on the sofa a lot!

gojogouk Tue 13-Nov-12 17:20:13

I was diagnosed with PGP as well at 32 weeks. It apparently occurs in approx 20% of pregnancies. I have been using crutches as I have to commute in and out of London (I know, embarrassing), however, today was also given a pregnancy support belt/girdle, which holds everything into place a little bit better and seems to be helping a lot. It might be worth finding out more from your midwife, and is also something that they should take into consideration with birthing positions while in labour to help take some pressure off your pelvis. Hope you feel better over these last few weeks!

chocorocco Tue 13-Nov-12 20:52:24

I've had this since about 16 weeks got it diagnosed as pgp and was sent for physio which was rubbish all we did was sit and chat about it!!! It's got worse as i've got bigger (am now 34 weeks). I find i have to find a balance in the day between resting and walking if i do to much of one thing it's absolute agony! I also find swimming helps although not breaststroke.

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