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how many and ages gaps?? whats best??

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Emsgale Tue 13-Nov-12 00:14:26

Well i have a 2 daughters one who is 3 in feb and one who is 7 months tomorrow lifes hectic and much hardee with 2 but iam enjoying it!!
Now i dont feel that complete im done feeling id like obe more...... But people say oh no not a odd number you must have 2 or 4 and then theres the age gap people say if i only want 3 i must have it sooner rather than later cant leave a large gap as id then have to have 2??????!!!!!!!!!!!
Im so confused as to whats best!!
So ladies whats best 3 or 4?? and do i jump sooner rather than later??????
:-) emily xxx

Dolallytats Wed 14-Nov-12 07:55:05

I think you should do what's best for you!! (not helpful-sorry!!) I am currently around 5 weeks pregnant and have a 4.5 year old DS.....and a 19 year old DD. We waited a long time for no2 and no3 has just surprised us, we really thought after the 15 year gap between the others it just wouldn't happen again (not least of all because I am 38!!) They get on fine AND fight like cat and dog, so normal siblings!!
There were 5 of us children growing up with small age gaps (14 months to 2 years) I really don't think it matters if it is an odd or even number...I know I won't be doing this again even if I thought I could!!

Pochemuchka Wed 14-Nov-12 08:01:13

DC3 due in January.
DC1 - DC2 22 months, DC2 - DC3 will also be 22 months.

Not sure if this is a good gap but it was the one I ended up with! ;)
As for having 3 DC I don't really think the number matters as long as they are loved! <fingers crossed>

CountryKitty Wed 14-Nov-12 17:01:13

I have 3 years between DD1 & DD2, and when DD3 arrives there will be 5 years of an age gap between DD2 & DD3. I agree there's no right or wrong number of children or gaps between them. We were lucky that we had our first at 23 and so have had the luxury of being able to spread them out.

I have found the benefits of slightly larger age gaps are that you have loads of time to devote to each child and also to resume your career in between (if that's a consideration).

On the other hand my sister has 3 under 4. Definately not for me but it works for her.

Having experience of being very close in age to one of my sisters, I would always recommend at least 1 school year in between but that's just me....

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