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Are aversions/cravings generally the same in each pregnancy? Worried about 2nd time around...

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JessHelicopter Mon 12-Nov-12 14:55:37

My 1st pregnancy in terms of sickness and aversions was horrific. Not many cravings but aversions were abundant! The worse one by far was that I went off garlic and onions to the point where I could walk into a room and know if there was someone in there had eaten garlic in the last few days! It made me HEAVE. AND I LOVE garlic normally! Luckily I had no bad associations have been able to eat it again since the pregnancy. DS is now 2.5.

But I could even smell petrol fumes in the air that made me feel sick. my sickness lasted from week 6.5 to when i gave birth. I went off coffee, veg, the smell of any meat (am veggie tho!). LOVED fruit tho which normally am not fussed about.

I am now thinking of trying to conceive in the new year but am terrified that I will have the same aversions again. It made my life SO miserable before! Is there a chance it might be different?! grin

stinkinseamonkey Mon 12-Nov-12 15:03:45

no TOTALLY different! My diet got limited down to the same 2 items at one point with no1, with no2 there are a few things with strong odours that I'm a bit unkeen on but NOTHING like no1, my diet is very varied this time!

and I think I've been sick twice this whole pregnancy, with no 1 I would have been sick twice just while writing this!

QueenofNightmares Mon 12-Nov-12 15:24:07

Completely different for me smile With DD I went off meat it would make me vomit just to smell it cooking for the first few months. This time around I've gone off bloody chocolate I used to eat a bar a day blush I just don't want it now at all I'm 17 weeks now and still don't fancy it so thinking its permanent.

Also had awful MS with DD this time not so bad mostly when I've been sick its been caused by the really awful acid reflux I've had.

JessHelicopter Mon 12-Nov-12 16:00:47

Wow! that's good to hear! BUT do either of you know if you are carrying different sexes? 17 weeks is too early to tell tho isn't it? But i have always had this feeling that i am only going to have boys (crazy i know!!! wink ) and am thinking that i am more likely to have the same aversions if they are both the same sex. or is that just silly?! grin

stinkinseamonkey Mon 12-Nov-12 16:05:23

same sex

Knittingnovice Mon 12-Nov-12 16:13:31

With DS, I was sick am & pm from POAS to birth.
With DD, I was sick a couple of times a week from POAS to birth
Am 17 week with DC3 and have puked 4 times.

The only constant has been heartburn triggered mostly by tomato based sauces, but getting earlier each time.

JessHelicopter Mon 12-Nov-12 16:54:21

oh ok! there's hope then! am soooo scared of pregnancy no.2! thank you for replying!

stinkinseamonkey Mon 12-Nov-12 17:08:28

I was terrified too, but I guess I "did my time" first time round so have had a doddle this time (mostly, reflux is worse but over all it's been a breeze!)

HappySurfWidow Mon 12-Nov-12 17:24:38

Hi there, sorry to be the opposite of the others, but the second time around has been much worse for me (and I thought the first was horrific enough!!).

Luckily, for me, the nausea and most extreme aversions have subsided at around 24 weeks (except I still projectile vomit if I eat anything citrus, even now at 34wks), so I'm able to enjoy the end of the pregnancy!

I had a boy last time and this time it's a surprise so I can't say if it's related to the sex of the baby. And I don't mean to make you fearful of having such a hard time again... I just thought you'd appreciate the truth that for some of us, it can be worse next time.

I hope it doesn't for you, though; it sounds like you had a really awful time!

tasmaniandevilchaser Mon 12-Nov-12 17:43:59

jess I had EXACTLY the same in my 1st pg, I was miserable with all the aversions and forced my poor DH to abstain from garlic and onions the whole pg. He could come home from work, open the front door and from 30 feet away I could tell he'd had something garlicky for lunch. Buses were an absolute nightmare, I spent most journeys holding my nose and trying not to retch. The worst was the smell coming through people's pores 3 days later. I could tell how long ago they'd eaten it from the vile smell. I didn't find people really got it, a friend said "well at least you haven't gone off tea and coffee". Err, I don't drink tea or coffee and anyway they're really easy to avoid. Garlic and onions are hidden in pretty much everything. It was really hard to eat out at restaurants or people's houses.

The next pg was similar but ended in mc, but happily this one has been much easier. I'm 15 wks now and can bear small amounts of garlic in my food, and can eat most things, it's just a lot easier. I'm so relieved as my 1st pg was a bit intense mainly because of the aversions, but it's so so much better this time.

cupcake78 Mon 12-Nov-12 18:00:46

I'm very different this time. With ds I was terribly sick at the smell, sight even thought of food especially onions and garlic. It was murder. Food on tv would make me vomit. I lost 3 stone. I lived on olives, orange juice and dry cereal. Dh used to stink of food. I could smell the kitchen from the front door. My only saviour was baths with bubble bath and perfume.

I'm 7+4 with no2 and I am so extremely nauseous 24hrs a day. I wake up to visit the loo and the room spins, I shower and the room spins, I sit still and the room still spins. I'm putting on weight, being sick daily but mainly in the afternoon but I can eat, only stuff I really fancy which changes daily. I don't have an aversion to specific foods. This time I can't stand perfume, the school run is murder all those people with their well washed clothes smelling of softener, aftershave, perfume sad. My bath is no longer my saviour and is now more torture. I hate tea or coffee, this didn't happen last time. Wardrobes and draws of clothes make me feel green and sick.

It's still very rough but in a different way.

JessHelicopter Mon 12-Nov-12 19:20:20

Finding everyone's experiences fascinating...thank you so much! the more experiences the merrier...good or bad....i need to be prepared! Tasmaniandevilchaser...OMG we're twins! that's EXACTLY the same as me! Did the same to my DH and even made the male collegue i shared an office with steer clear of eating garlic in the week! how cheeky of me!!! Sorry to hear about the MC but so glad you're at 15 weeks again. AND that you can eat small amounts of garlic! This defo fills me with hope! smile

Cupcake78...i remember going thru exactly that feeling at around the same time. But i couldn't stomach perfumes or garlic! I used to use Herbal Essences shampoo and even now i can't go near a bottle...and i invested in Bio oil to rub in my big fat belly but i couldn't bring myself to use it because it smelt so strong! I used to HATE it when people told me the sickness would go away....because never did! but that very woozey spinny feeling DID go so fingers crossed you won't have long to feel that bad. I hope it goes well for everyone. :-D

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