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Wife over a week late but negative tests.

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Bricki Mon 12-Nov-12 10:30:49


My Wife is now over a week late and taken two tests in this time but both negative. She has been taking medication for PCOS in this time but has always been bang on regular.

does anyone have any experience of something like this? She has been taking the medication for over 18 months and this has never occured before.

sundaesundae Mon 12-Nov-12 10:36:47

I have had random late periods and have also tested negative for preggoness when been pregnant. Test again in a week if no period.

philbee Mon 12-Nov-12 12:23:23

I've been nearly a week late (5 days) when normally dead regular, and testing negative. It was just a late period as far as I'm concerned as have tested positive on the day I was due the three times I was pregnant. We were trying to get pregnant, and I think the stress meant I ovulated late and period started late, which is fairly common.

It's a stressful thing, I'm sorry you have to go through it. Some women don't generate the hormones as fast as the tests need, so they could be pg and test negative. However I think that's fairly rare as the tests are pretty accurate. All you can do is test again in a week or few days and see what happens. Good luck, hope you get the outcome you want.

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