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Arnica, witch hazel, tea confused!

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BionicEmu Sun 11-Nov-12 17:55:49

Am 28 weeks pregnant with DC2 and am very confused by all this stuff.

I didn't have or know anything about it all with DC1, and I just remember that my undercarriage was pure agony for a couple of weeks (grazes & stitches etc).

I am very keen to try and be as prepared as possible this time, but I am utterly clueless about all of this stuff. I've seen it all mentioned, so I'm under the impression it'll help.

But what is it all? Tablets, creams, oils, or something else? What do I do with it all? And where do I get it from?

Yes, I really am that clueless, I need it explained in very simple instructions!

twolittlebundles Mon 12-Nov-12 07:23:38

Congrats on your pregnancy smile

Witch Hazel comes in a water-like solution. You can usually get it at the pharmacy. Keep it in the fridge and put it on a maternity pad. Great for cooling relief after birth.

Arnica comes in mouth spray, tablets and cream. You CANNOT put it on any broken skin so best to go with tablets or a mouth spray. Take it during and after labour to help speed the healing process. It is supposed to help with muscles and bruising.

Tea Tree Oil is antiseptic, and stings if applied directly. It is strong, so needs to be diluted ideally. A few drops in a bath is good post birth for any abrasions/tears or c-section wounds.

I am sure there are other ways to use these too!

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