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Placenta tear

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berri Fri 09-Nov-12 19:42:14

15+1 at the moment, and I've been told I have a tear between my placenta and uterus following a fairly big bleed.

Has anyone experienced this? Had a bit of a google but started to worry myself too much so I had to close it.

The docs have said to rest as much as possible and not move much for the next week.

Is there any supplements etc which might be 'healing' or am I grasping at straws? Trying to keep as still as I can but difficult with a 3yo DS at home with me. Not sure how I can keep this up until May.

Tugstonia Sat 10-Nov-12 08:55:28

Hi berri sorry haven't had a big tear but have had small abruptions causing bleeding at 18 weeks and 27 weeks, the latter episode I was admitted to hospital for monitoring but the bleeding settled. Now 30+1. I was advised to rest as much as possible but not total bed rest. I've been resting less in the last couple of days and have had a tiny amount of more (brown) bleeding so it does seem that rest is best. Very hard I know especially if you have DC already and have a long time to go. I am also slightly anaemic and taking iron supplements, no idea if this would help 'heal' a tear in the placenta but might be worth considering/asking about? Hope you are ok and not worrying too much, easier said than done I know!

berri Sat 10-Nov-12 15:29:27

Thanks for replying - I have had brown bleeding/discharge for about 4 or 5 weeks, interspersed with a few bright red bleeds which are very quick & then turn back to brown.

Does the dark brown blood mean I'm still bleeding from somewhere? I thought it might just be leftover from the red bleeding, but I suppose that'd actually only last a couple of days?

Are you taking iron on top of a pregnancy a-z? Wondered if I could take it in addition. I v easily get constipated too which hasn't helped with the bleeding blush so a bit wary of too much iron...? But would feel better if I was taking something to help the tear.

Were you offered progesterone injections by any chance? Was going to post a thread about them today to see if anyone had any experience of them.

Hope the rest of your pregnancy goes v smoothly smile

Tugstonia Sat 10-Nov-12 18:38:37

Hi Berri. As far as I know brown blood is old blood and usually not as much of a problem as red, but not sure if brown blood means there's still active bleeding or if it's just leftover from the red - I would have thought the latter as well. The doc described it to me like a nose bleed that usually stops on its own and that it's only really a problem if it doesn't stop or if it keeps happening.

The first time I was given antibiotics for bacterial vaginosis and a UTI but when the results came back I didn't have either infection.

I'm taking Pregnacare multivit and Spatone iron supplements and so far no constipation issues smile I only started taking the Spatone because my Hb levels were low and mw recommended them, so don't take iron supplements unless you know you need to. I haven't been offered progesterone, only steroids to mature baby's lungs in case of preterm delivery but I didn't take them in the end.

When's your next scan? I had a scan last time this happened to see what was going on but thankfully didn't show up anything sinister.

Good luck and hope everything goes well with the rest of your pregnancy too smile

berri Mon 12-Nov-12 19:29:50

How strange, I wrote a reply for this the other day but it's not here. Weird.

Anyway, next scan is on Wednesday so fingers crossed it's healed a little and I won't be told I need bedrest.

Not had any red bleeding since last week so hopefully things are mending and I'll just need to stay off the trampolines until May wink

I'll ask about the iron on Wednesday too. I think I've decided not to have the progesterone shots, I don't like the idea of all the extra hormones for me or the baby. See what they say anyway.

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