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What happens next?

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Cheffie100 Thu 08-Nov-12 20:29:57

Booked to have my first appointment with midwife at 9 weeks (30th nov). Just wondering what will happen at this appointment? Will they tell me if the baby is ok?

Also wondering when they will book for my first scan? Obviously at 12 weeks but wondering why I haven't heard?

KatAndKit Thu 08-Nov-12 20:33:59

They can't tell you anything about the health of the baby at that early stage I'm afraid.

The booking in appointment is actually not very exciting - it's a lot of filling in forms and answering questions about your medical history. During this appointment your midwife should fill in referral paperwork and ensure you get booked in for your 12 week scan. You haven't heard yet because it probably hasn't been booked yet. At your booking in appointment they will also either do a blood test or refer you for one - it isn't the blood test that they use in connection with the scan to screen for anomalies, it is just one that checks you for certain health conditions.

Congratulations on your pregnancy and all the best with your appointments and scans

Yep - booking in is very underwhelming - lots of forms to fill in, so that the midwife can ensure you get registered for the appropriate care.
Was nice to meet her though - as my practice is small she's the only midwife so I should be seeing her for every appointment, apart from the scan ones at the hospital.
In my case, it was only after the appointment when the midwife enters your info onto the system that the NHS wheels slowly start turning, and about a week later I got my scan appointment. Thats when you will find out something specific about your baby.
Also I had to go back after the booking in to have my bloods/urine taken - because at the booking in I didn't yet have my hospital number, and they use that to ensure your details all stay together (i.e. if I end up at a hospital, or another doctors or something else then I have a unique reference number)

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