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Anyone else think pregnancy sucks?

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CalamityJ Wed 07-Nov-12 18:26:52

From all day every day sickness, to pain in your back, pelvis, hips, to heartburn and acid reflux. Who says pregnancy is the most magical time of your life? And hearing how well everything's going with everyone else's pregnancies is NOT HELPING! Looking for fellow moaners to tell me how much their pregnancy has sucked and how they wished they'd got help sooner rather than struggled along.

lollipoppi Wed 07-Nov-12 20:01:20

You forgot to mention peeing when sneezing!!! (Or is that just me blush)

How far along are you? I'm 29+3, I'm sure I'm suppose to be "glowing" by now ??

noblegiraffe Wed 07-Nov-12 20:05:54

You forgot broken sleep. 'make sure you get plenty of sleep before the baby gets here!' <hollow laugh>

Also, waddling, being fat and only owning about 3 outfits that fit so feeling like a complete state all the time.

28 weeks.

ATaleOfTwoCities Wed 07-Nov-12 20:12:03

All of the above, still waiting to glow, I guess that's not going to happen! Maybe after the birth?!

EggsMichelle Wed 07-Nov-12 20:15:11

Long luscious healthy looking hair? Nope, greasy before the end of the day, and constantly look shabby as I have a short hair cut which I cannot afford to have cut ever 4wks (current regrowth speed)

MJP1 Wed 07-Nov-12 20:17:42

I hate it but cannot wait to be a mummy and meet my little girl, I feel so strange not at all me, one minute I am happy healthy the next am tearful, uncomfortable and in pain, I work in an environment where lots of mums meet and want to know my news and daily reports of how I am feeling and all I feel like I am doing is moaning and complaining am only 27 weeks so ages to go.

datingthedevil Wed 07-Nov-12 21:05:06

Don't forget the delights of rib pain angry

freya86 Wed 07-Nov-12 21:56:27

This thread makes me quite cross. Pregnancy does not suck. Spare a thought to the women who can't have children or who are struggling to get pregnant. I am 26weeks and fell pregnant very easily, unlike my sister in law who can't conceive naturally and has been through treatment and still isn't pregnant. She would give anything for the sickness and aches and pains. Consider yourself lucky and spare a moment of thought for those women before you write such self indulgent, selfish comments. Pregnancy is tough yes, but never "sucks"

noblegiraffe Wed 07-Nov-12 22:00:38

Ah yes, you shouldn't swear when you stub your toe because there are people out there without legs who would love to have toes to stub.

In fact, no one should ever complain about anything because there's always someone worse off than you.


freya86 Wed 07-Nov-12 22:03:35

Slightly different situations I think. Stubbing a toe and pregnancy

I'm just saying what I bet a lot of people are thinking

noblegiraffe Wed 07-Nov-12 22:06:35

Then a lot of people are pompous self-righteous arses who should allow other people to let off steam on occasion.

No one is saying that they don't want a baby. But being sick, feeling like shit, aches and pains etc aren't pleasant and I don't see why every niggle should be seen as a blessed gift purely because it goes with carrying a baby.

freya86 Wed 07-Nov-12 22:09:33

Read back, "pregnancy sucks"!! Inappropriate in my opinion.

I don't mind people complaining, I've needed to let off steam too but I would never say it "sucked". I've just held my friends hand through her third miscarriage so perhaps am slightly sensitive to this issue

motherinferior Wed 07-Nov-12 22:15:28

I loathed every single moment of both my pregnancies. And guess what, I was pretty damn miserable with small babies too. Definitely sucked. All of it.

motherinferior Wed 07-Nov-12 22:17:49

And I bet I'm saying what a lot of people are thinking too.

freya86 Wed 07-Nov-12 22:21:35

I'm leaving this conversation as I don't like any of it. Miserable people!!!!

WeekendsAreTooShort Wed 07-Nov-12 22:32:17

You obviously have no idea how ill ( physically and mentally) some people can become while pregnant and your ill judged comments may stop some people seeking medical help as they are just supposed to bear it due to the wondrous nature of being able to conceive... No matter how long that actually may have taken!!

ReallyTired Wed 07-Nov-12 22:35:39

freya86 thank gawd you are leaving the conversation. I am glad that you have never experienced any serious pregnancy complications.

Yes, pregnancy can suck. Just because there are unlucky people who have miscarriages or infertility problems doesn't belittle the REAL problems that pregancy can cause.

*It feels very low to be on a drip in hospital because you have hypermises gravitum. (Ie. you life is in danger because you cannot stop vomiting)

*It horrendous having scares about a baby's movement or worries about the results of ante natal tests.

*Women with severe SPD who cannot get to the toilet unaided deserved. They are in constant severe pain and usually are given no pain relief.

*Gestational diabetes can cause a lot of worry for people

*Preclampia is serious as are other conditions.

I think that people have to differentiate what is normal pregnancy symptoms and what is real pregnancy complications. It could be argued that some people are dying of cancer, but that doesn't negate the hell that a minority of women go through when pregnant.

I hated being pregnant, although my pregnancies weren't the worst.

midastouch Wed 07-Nov-12 22:49:33

i hated being pregnant ive had 2 kids as i didnt want an only child and would have loved 1 more but i cant put myself or my lo's through it i am useless when im pregnant i lost a stone with both at the start. I dont understand people who love being pregnant, i just think are you mad lol!

TwitchyTail Wed 07-Nov-12 22:54:20

Can't comment on pregnancy in general, but I can say definitively that MY pregnancy sucks BALLS.

comeonbishbosh Wed 07-Nov-12 22:58:44

Freya, saying "pregnant sucks" is just another way of saying "pregnancy is tough" (your words) or "letting off steam" (also your words"). I think you are misinterpreting this thread.

I've had fertility treatment and miscarriages, and I doubt anyone hear minimises the pain of them. But at this moment, what I am feeling is Well Fed Up with a clumsy big bump, an exhausting toddler, thrush down below, vaccination aches in both arms and a streaming cold. There, not even serious symptoms.

But a good old moan can help, and it gets a big tedious for DH if it's always to him.

CalamityJ Wed 07-Nov-12 23:06:55

Thanks mother weekends and tired you get my point!! Everyone tells you how magical it should be & how grateful you should feel to be pregnant but really all you want to do is scream "NO! For me it sucks!" I'm not saying it won't be worth it & god knows I'm so looking forward to meeting my little one but people like freya encourage those of who are struggling to keep quiet, not ask for help & be thoroughly miserable people for 9 months thinking "why's it so bad for me when all I hear from friends is how easy it is?" I have a very close friend going through fertility treatment so I don't bang on to her about how crap I feel as I know she'd give her right arm to feel as crap as me if it meant having a baby. But that does NOT take away from the fact my pelvis feels like it's splitting in two, my back is agony, I'm still being sick at 25+5 even with cyclizine & I haven't slept well for weeks as heartburn keeps me awake. It was making me really upset that I was struggling with pregnancy but going on here makes me realise I'm not the only one who's not loving it like we're told to. Lolli-not happened yet but pressure increasing on bladder daily makes this an imminent addition to the list! Random rib pain has always been a little trick my body plays on me but fortunately not in the last couple of weeks. I'm sure that joy will return!!

BTW "pregnancy sucks" is a quotation from What to Expect When You're Expecting. Watch her speech & tell me she's not allowed to feel that way.

gingerchick Wed 07-Nov-12 23:11:10

Pregnancy can suck. Both mine did. Just because very sadly some people cannot or struggle to conceive or have had the horror of a miscarriage as I have doesn't negate the fact that some women are desperately ill during pregnancy I was I a wheelchair from the 5 month with both of mine, lost 4 stone and in hospital with 24 hour sickness literally couldn't keep down a sip of water. I don't think anyone in any situation would say that that did not suck.

whatchagonna Wed 07-Nov-12 23:54:04

Pregnancy is a means to an end as far as I'm concerned. I want another child, so I'll go through all the hellish parts of pregnancy. To me it's like a long-haul flight: you put up with it to get to your holiday, and you're very much looking forward to said holiday, but being stuck on an aeroplane for hours and hours still sucks..

What also sucks is being surrounded by smug pregnant women smugly rubbing their bellies at any possible moment... Yes we know you're pregnant. Well done you.

Bagofspiders Wed 07-Nov-12 23:59:06

I had a lot of problems getting pregnant, it took years and a lot of fertility treatment. When it finally happened I was over the moon, but I didn't enjoy a single day of it! So yes, pregnancy SUCKS! But having a baby is the best thing ever, so people not enjoying it, just hang in there. Remember it's not forever and take each day as it comes smile

diddlediddledumpling Wed 07-Nov-12 23:59:26

I agree so much I bought a book called Pregnancy Sucks during my first. Now that I've had my third, I'm looking to pass it on but you have to be careful because some people don't get the joke.
Have also had mc, I am hugely thankful for what i have. Doesn't mean I have to love varicose veins in ridiculous places, fat ankles, disrupted sleep and general massiveness.

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