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anyone having/had a baby at russells hall, dudley?

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MummyToToby Sat 01-Apr-06 12:51:13

hi i'm due july 7th with my first and just wondered if anyone else had got any experiences of giving birth here or if anyone is going to be having their baby there like me.

Littlefish Sat 01-Apr-06 13:40:36

Hi mummytotoby - I didn't go to Russell's Hall, but live relatively nearby. Just wanted to bump this for you in case anyone else is around.

If you really want to find out more about Russell's Hall, it might be worth you ringing the Stourbridge NCT as lots of the people there will have given birth at RH.

I've been in RH for a couple of stays (non baby related) and the nurses were always great.

Parking is an absolute nightmare (you might know that already!) Warn any visitors to arrive early as it takes ages to find a space.

TopBanana Sat 01-Apr-06 13:43:40

I'll be having my baby there, but not till September!!

MummyToToby Sat 01-Apr-06 14:13:52

have you been on a tour there yet top banana?

lovelybird Sat 01-Apr-06 14:31:35

I had my Ds there in Jan 05 about 10 days after the unit opened. I was expecting to be at wordsley until a few months before when I was told the moving date had been brought forward, tbh I was really upset about this (preg hormones!) and used to panic something stupid about the car parking etc. Also we had had all our scans and parentcraft classes at wordsley and the tour at wordsley. I couldn't get onto the tour at RH before i went into labour and this upset me also!
In the end everything was great, we went in at 2am - no parking worries!, and I didn't need a tour it was just my irrational hormomes. All the midwives were wonderful, I ended up having 2 rooms as I was admitted into one until I went into another to get into the birthing pool, and after DS was born I went back to my original room. The rooms are huge, and all en-suite so it's very private. I was in for about 38 hrs in total until we came home and I didn't see another mom. That would probably be my only criticism, that if you were in for a few days it would be very isolating as all the rooms are private, although they may have changed this now and may have a communal room to use. The only problem I found was no peace as my room and storecupboard must have been cleaned and checked 20+ times!! I had no problems at all there and would definately go there again with any future babies. Best of luck mummytotoby, hope all goes well with your arrival! Hello to other local mums too!

MummyToToby Sat 01-Apr-06 14:46:36

were you allowed to give birth in the birthing pool and do the rooms have baths or showers lovelybird?
also you don't mention if you had an epidural so you probably didn't, but i don't suppose you know if they are the mobile kind?

kate100 Sat 01-Apr-06 14:46:54

lovelybird, I'm glad your experience was good. My only advice would be take your own food, as what they serve up is inedible. I really would book a tour, so that you know where to go, I didn't have one as I was admitted several times so found everything myself. If you do that the midwives will be able to answer any questions you might have. Good luck I hope it all goes well for you.

kate100 Sat 01-Apr-06 14:48:22

The private rooms have a shower but there are baths on the ward. I didn't have an epidural, only gas and air so I don't know about that and I don't know anyone else who's had one.

lovelybird Sat 01-Apr-06 15:00:48

Yes, you can give birth in the pool, I couldn't as I had a few complications and had to get out at the last minute as DS was stuck. I used gas & air only, and this is available when you're in the pool too. I was going all out for an epidural throughout my pregnancy but ended up with just gas & air and the pool, which really helped. If I hadn't used the pool I would have needed drugs. Tbh I think they're quite reluctant to give epidurals - thats the impression I got, as it can mean much higher chance of intervention. I agree with Kate100 about the food though- awful.. Even the tea & toast I had after giving birth was inedible. Take some cartons of juice and sweets as gas & air really dries your mouth out and you will be parched afterwards.

fairyjay Sat 01-Apr-06 15:06:38

I can remember Wordsley opening - it only seems 2 minutes ago!

I'm sure RH will be good, as it is a new unit, and should be up to the minute.

Nice to know there are some very local mumsnetters!

MummyToToby Sat 01-Apr-06 15:15:53

i was one of the first babies born at wordsley!! i had some sort of presentation box because of it. how old are you all btw?

lovelybird Sat 01-Apr-06 15:16:53

Forgot to say there were only showers in the 2 rooms I used. i remember the midwives at parentcraft saying something about how there were only showers in the maternity unit-no baths and they weren't very impressed with the planners! Not sure about the wards that Kate mentions, I thought it was all private rooms at RH - no maternity wards, but I may be wrong.
Agre with fairyjay-nice to 'talk' to some local mn's.

fairyjay Sat 01-Apr-06 15:29:41


MummyToToby Sat 01-Apr-06 16:32:39


kate100 Sat 01-Apr-06 17:05:18

There are wards at either end of the unit for inductions and inpatients and also for mum's who've had caesareans, I've been in them all!!!

MummyToToby Sun 02-Apr-06 00:28:45

i was told you go in your own room if you have a caeserean.

kate100 Sun 02-Apr-06 09:06:05

only if it isn't full, which it usually is. My neighbour has just had a section there and she was on a ward of four and I was on a ward with mum's who'd had sections when I have been in.

lovelybird Sun 02-Apr-06 09:55:46

I think they have 2 sections, a high risk and low risk one. Not sure how many room/wards allocated to each side though but your midwife should be able to tell you. I guess it depends on how busy they are at that time. I was on the low risk and had a normal birth and when I went in I was the only person on the low risk side and when DS was born I had 4 midwives there, but I did have a couple of worries at the end so I guess they all came to check everything was OK.

MummyToToby Mon 03-Apr-06 01:27:02

just bumping this to see if anyone knows about the type of epidurals given here.

MummyToToby Mon 03-Apr-06 01:27:02

just bumping this to see if anyone knows about the type of epidurals given here.

BigHotMama Mon 03-Apr-06 15:54:44

Hi all, another local ere, I'm having my baby at RHH in August and its nice to here some positive feedback oh and thanks for the tip on the food, I'll take plenty of stocks in now!
MTT, hope your not worrying too much about epidurals? You may not need to have one? I'm hoping to go for waterbirth with gas & air, but am leaving the option open to other hard drugs should I feel the need for them.

(BTW, I'm 30 this saturday so gettin on a bit!)

diddle Mon 03-Apr-06 16:39:32

Hi Mummytotoby - i've just got back from russells hall this afternoon, with braxton hicks, wa sgetting a bit worried. I'm due the 8th June with my first. Have no experience fo epidurals i'm afraid and the one person i know who has recently had her baby there refused an epidural.
She had a good delivery and birth, although she did say they were obviously understaffed and they were very busy while she was there, but if she had need more attention she would ahve got it. today they were quiet and i was very well looked after, everyone was lovely. You get your own private room and bathroom, unless you ave complications then you're in a room with 3 others.
Parking is a nightmare even in the maternity area, and we discovered today that the price of parking has gone up from 50p to £2.50!!!!

The ward was very secure, lots of cameras, and locked doors, took us ages to get let out.

I have my aprentcraft class there on saturday and will be having the tour the same day so will let you know what i discover.

diddle Mon 03-Apr-06 16:40:29

bighotmama - 30 isn't old!!! although thats easy for me to say i'm 25.
I'm hoping for a waterbirth there too.

MummyToToby Mon 03-Apr-06 20:21:05

i'm also hoping for a waterbirth but as i do not cope well with pain at all (i'm one of these who thinks they're dying with period pain - haven't missed that one bit!!) i am not ruling out the option of needing other drugs, so would like to know as much about them before hand. if i find out it is the kind which leaves you unable to move around i shall refuse it too.

BigHotMama Tue 04-Apr-06 12:09:21

I've just been to RHH and couldnt believe its now £2.50 for parking, thats ridiculous? I was only there for 1 hour getting my MATB1 cert and blood sugars tested. How rude?
Thanx for compliment Diddle! I dont feel 30 at all, still feel like a kid at times and wonder if I'll be a good enough mom, but suppose we all go through those emotions!
I've never really experienced much pain throughout my life, never had any broken bones or had any ops or anything so dont really know how I'll cope with pain of labour! Trying not to dwell on it too much at the moment but now I'll be crapping myself by the time it comes round. MMT, I'm sure you'll get through it wiuth or without epidural, when you discuss your birthplan with the midwife you can ask about the pain relief and check out your options? I always forget to ask questions when I see midwife hence why I had to go back to get my MATB1 certificate for work!
Hope your all feeling good!

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