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c section breech baby

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peppercold Wed 07-Nov-12 17:37:41

I'm posting for my bf. She is 38 weeks and at her midwife appointment today she was told her daughter is breech. She was breech at 28 weeks but turned. Now she's flipped back and she's looking a c section next Wednesday!

Could anyone tell me what the chances are of the baby turning back?

Also bf is very worried about the epidural and how big the needle is.

Any advice is welcome smile

peppercold Wed 07-Nov-12 18:29:35


MrsSpencerReid Wed 07-Nov-12 18:32:01

I had an emergence section and just had a spinal anaesthetic, no idea how bit the needle is as I didn't see it!!! And no idea about baby turning but fingers crossed s/he does smile

peppercold Wed 07-Nov-12 18:33:59

Thanks MrsRied, did it hurt when they put the needle in? I think she's more scared of that than anything else!

FreddieMercurysBolero Wed 07-Nov-12 18:34:36

It's difficult to tell. I was breech at 37 weeks and it flipped ( and will stay there now I'm 39 weeks, hopefully)! Tell her to have a look at, there's lots of excercises there which may help, I tried them all to get baby to turn! Also bounced on a birthing ball. A lot. smile

headfairy Wed 07-Nov-12 18:35:39

I had a local for the spinal block so apart from the scratch from the local I didn't feel the big needle for the spinal at all.

headfairy Wed 07-Nov-12 18:37:35

Oh and I tried everything to turn des but he was stuck fast from about 30 weeks. On fact when they pulled him out during the cs they really had to tug, even more than usual, to get him out.

iloveholidays Wed 07-Nov-12 19:27:28

DD2 was breech from 28 weeks all the way through. Tried everything to turn her including wn ECV but no joy. I have to say I was petrified at the thought of a section, but it was a lovely experience. My waters broke at 37+4 so went in and had a section straight away, no hanging around which may have helped as adrenaline had kicked in and no waiting.

The spinal wasn't pleasant but I was having contractions on and off at the time. I wouldn't say really painful but I was more nervous than anything and you really have to curl over to push your back out. The section was for want of a better word lovely, we were laughing and joking all the way through (I talk a lot when nervous!!!). One thing I wasn't prepared for was the constant shaking all the way through but apparently it's normal.

Recovery was fine, I think you find ELCS recovery is a lot different to the stories you hear about EMCSs. I was in a lot of pain for the first 24 hours when moving, but I didn't care as I had my beautiful baby lying next to me so it didn't matter. Laughing and coughing hurt my scar, tell her to put a pillow against the scar when needing to cough. Take all the medicine on offer.

I would have though the chances of baby turning now are slim at this stage although not impossible so worth trying all the ideas.

Tell her to enjoy the experience. I'm now 39+5 with DD3 and part of me is wishing she was breech as I have good memories of the experience, although luckily also good experiences of natural birth with DD1!!

Oh also, I managed to have skin to skin in theatre although I don't think that's common in most hospitals but she has nothing to lose by asking. Also my DD needed some oxygen straight away which apparently is quite common with sections as well due to the shock, I don't think DP has nice memories of seeing her with the mask on so might be worth mentioning that is common as well.

Good luck, hope it all goes well.

MrsJellybye Wed 07-Nov-12 19:27:46

I was petrified about the spinal block- my palms were literally dripping with sweat. But they do give you the local and I don't remember any pain at all (had ELCS for breech DD1 and looks very much like DD2 will be the same).

NonnoMum Wed 07-Nov-12 19:31:32

Try and perhaps reflexology...

Good luck...

peppercold Wed 07-Nov-12 20:15:54

Thanks so much for you replies. smile will keep you posted!

peppercold Wed 07-Nov-12 20:54:37

Have told bf all your replies. She you are all really helpful and some nice words. Must get her to sign up!!

She has a scan in the morning to confirm if the baby is breech, if she is will they book her in for the section next week there and then? And if the baby does turn before then will the section be cancelled?

Thanks again!

FreddieMercurysBolero Wed 07-Nov-12 21:26:09

Yup, if the only reason they are doing the section is a breech presentationsmile

peppercold Wed 07-Nov-12 21:55:11

Thank you Freddie smile

AmayaBuzzbee Wed 07-Nov-12 21:58:31

I had an emergency C as baby was breech. Was having contractions whilst having the needle in my back, and to be honest I don't remember feeling any pain at all. It was slightly uncomfortable but that part was over very quickly.

I too had a lovely experience with the section. I took all drugs I was given after the op, and never felt any pain at all even during recovery. I am now going for elective C with my second baby :-)

starjules Wed 07-Nov-12 22:19:42

I had elcs due to breech with my first baby last year. They usually do a spinal rather than an epidural for elcs. I am completely pain and needle phobic so was glad of the elcs but scared of the needle.
I can honestly say I did not feel a thing. It felt like the doctor was pushing on my back to locate the spot, but she said it was the whole thing done and dusted. The spinal is quite nice it feels like you are stepping into a lovely warm bath which goes just past your boobs. I took all the drugs they offered after and was allowed home the next day and no pain at all. I am a elcs advocate and would recommend it to anyone! Tell your friend to take in her favourite cd and they will play it during the operation. As my little one is a christmas baby we had on frank sinatras christmas album. I had a rubbish pregnancy but the birth was great with no pain and no stress. If you want to pm me with any questions your friend might have I would be happy to help.

FidgetPie Wed 07-Nov-12 22:47:00

I had a c-section with DD - they realised once I was in labour that she was breech. It was fine - didn't notice any pain from the spinal (I was having contractions at the time so the main feeling was joy that the pain had stopped!).
The recovery was ok - much better than I had feared.
I would aim for a vaginal birth next time but equally I would be fine if it had to be a c-section again.
So tell her to try not to worry.

peppercold Wed 07-Nov-12 22:51:33

Ahh thank you so much Bee and Jules!! You both have had such positive experiences and have certainly put my bfs mind at ease! Thanks again everyone for replying. smile

MrsSpencerReid Wed 07-Nov-12 22:56:45

Just come back to thread and like others have said, they give local first which stings an that was all I felt! I was numb to just above my nipples which was weird!

FreelanceMama Wed 07-Nov-12 23:11:09

My son was breech. I spoiled the last 2 weeks of my pregnancy trying to get him to turn - on all 4s as much as possible, acupuncture, chiropractor, etc. He didn't turn and I had a lovely (that word again!) experience with my c section. I found recovery hard but then I am dreadful at resting when told to.

The spinal felt like a fingernail being dug into my skin i.e. Fine, and then that lush warm feeling. I have really positive memories of the c section. But for heaven's sake tell her to say yes whenever they offer pain relief whether it hurts or not. Also have a birth plan e.g. Requesting skin to skin contact asap - make sure your partner has it and show it to the midwife before you get started.

I had a lovely cuddle with my baby moments after birth and the midwife took a photo of me, baby and Daddy in the op theatre.

Good luck to your friend

peppercold Thu 08-Nov-12 10:08:42

Good morning! Bf has had her scan and the midwife yesterday wrong!

The baby isn't breech and she's 1/5ths engaged!

Thanks again for all your help and advice.

FreddieMercurysBolero Thu 08-Nov-12 14:12:07

Yaay! Lets hope it stays the right way up!

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