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Cholesterol levels...

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whatchagonna Tue 06-Nov-12 23:56:29

So my doctor gave me my cholesterol levels today (I'm in the US where they seem to test everything...).

I have high HDL (the good ones) and low LDL (the bad ones), but she said that the overall amount of cholesterol was bad. Not surely sure how this is a problem (since the overall amount is only high because there's so much good stuff!)..

She also said that my triglycerides were high (not super high but above 'normal').

I'm 24wks pregnant and she said that could be the reason: something about the hormones increasing everything.

However she also said I should cut down on fat, do more exercise etc which has left me confused. I am very very active (a 45mins workout every single day, plus walking everywhere, pushing a buggy etc: I am so active my obstetrician (and DH!) is telling me to cut back). I eat no saturated fat at all (0% fat yogurt, cheese etc) and only eat 'good' fats (seeds, nuts etc) in small quantities. I never eat junk food, very little alcohol (even when not pregnant) and rarely eat out. Don't smoke. Healthy weight before and during pregnancy.

So I have no idea what I can do to make these results 'better'. All the info I've found tells me to 'do more exercise' or 'stop eating fatty foods' which is useless: I take a huge amount of care of my health already!

Do I just ignore this as a pregnancy thing? Or is there something else I can do? Anyone know?

Haggisfish Wed 07-Nov-12 08:08:12

It's probably a pregnancy thing - my cholesterol levels increased hugely, to the point that the optician asked me about my 'family history' of high cholesterol becuase she could see a ring of it in my eye - there is no such history! After a bit of research, it transpires that cholesterol levels do increase in pg to ensure good nerve development in the baby. mine have gone back to normal now - I got tested three months after birth and they were fine. I would suggest eating as healthily as you can, but not stressing about it and asking to be retested three months after birth. HTH!

Haggisfish Wed 07-Nov-12 08:09:33

And, actually, rereading your post, maybe you do need to increase your fat levels during pregnancy - you do need fats.

whatchagonna Wed 07-Nov-12 14:06:48

Thanks Haggis - that's reassuring. I'm going to raise it with my OB (this was my 'normal' doctor who measured levels as part of a new patient check).

Such a fine line: am now worried about eating fats!

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