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bloody mucus show for 2 days straight

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Abcynthia Tue 06-Nov-12 20:26:11

Hi guys,
I am currently 9 days over. I went to see the midwife on Sunday and after a bit of discussion about my last birth experience (see a previous thread about my stretch and sweep fear) I agreed to be examined and if I was dialated at all and she could reach without any pulling and causing me discomfort she would sweep as well. She said she was unable to reach fully and could only feel my cervix with the very tip of my finger so she left it.

Since Monday morning I have had 2 full days of blood tinged mucus. This afternoon I thought it had stopped but came home from the shopping to find I needed to change my knickers. It is always blood tinged and I've had plenty of stronger contraction feelings that are more painful than my usual BHs, but they are very erratic.

My question really is - is it normal that I would have mucus with blood in it for 2 full days? It is quite a lot. I am going to see the midwife at half 9 tomorrow morning so will be telling her of course, but as I was induced last time without any signs of labour coming on beforehand so this is all new to me.

I really hope it is a good sign at least!

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