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Baby's heartbeat all over the place. Confused PLEASE HELP

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Youngmumzzy18 Tue 06-Nov-12 16:43:08

I am quite confused right now. Basically I went to my mw appointment yesterday, the student that was there checked bubbas heartbeat we both heard it was faster than normal. It was confirmed when she said the heartbeat is in the 200 range. The student asked the midwife if it sounded right to her and all she did was shrug and say the machine glitches (even though it was left on for about 10 minutes and didn't slow down. To add to my worries the midwife refused to double check it and when I got home all she wrote in my notes was she heard the heartbeat (usually it says its regular as well but this is the first time it didn't) so I was advised by my mum and fiancé to check the heartbeat at home with my monitor and if its still fast ring labour ward and explain. I checked and it was still fast but I was completely stressed out and shattered from going out with my little sister for her birthday that I just wanted to sleep as I didn't get back home until 11.30pm. ( Probably sound very selfish) checked again early this morning and was still fast then suddenly dropped, had some water and changed position, checked again and sounded fine.

I'm still being advised by people that I should go to hospital and sed what they say but I'm confused if I should or not because it sounds normal again and I don't wanna end up going for no reason sad ( sound selfish again )

Please help. I'm 35+6

leobear Tue 06-Nov-12 16:59:51

I'd just go to the ante-natal ward and get it checked out. There is nothing to be gained from sitting stressing about it, and it's easy enough to check, if only for your own peace of mind and blood pressure!

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