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Insomnia as an early symptom?

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Scraggyanna Tue 06-Nov-12 16:42:38

Hello all,

I got my BFP last week, so am about 5 weeks today and I can't sleep!

Has anyone else had this? I'm not sure if it's just the excitement of being pregnant but I'm sleeping really badly at night and then exhausted in the day.

Anyone else? Or any advice at all?


FlaminNoraImPregnantPanda Tue 06-Nov-12 17:16:23

I don't think I slept at all through the first trimester. Not helped by having to get up 3 or 4 times a night to pee.

OhGood Tue 06-Nov-12 17:41:57

I have also had a bout of insomnnia - am about 5 weeks-ish. Mine's because I am worrying about work and money and how the hell I am going to cope with two, and (after mc recently) if this is even going to work out.

OhGood Tue 06-Nov-12 17:43:01

Sorry. Hadn;t finished. Am very distracted due to being exhausted!

So. How are you feeling about being pregnant? It's probably you just making mental adjustments to what is, let's face it, some of the biggest news you are ever likely to get in your life.

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