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Anyone due in June. I believe my due date to be the 29th.

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Tashymondo Mon 05-Nov-12 19:51:17


This is my second pregnancy, the first did not end well as my son was born sleeping at 24+3 weeks.

I am currently 6w+2 feeling pretty scared, constantly tired and morning sickness is getting me down a bit.

My partner and I decided to try again at the start of October this year and within days we were successful! I have every right to be happy. But am terrified!

Any other ladies fancy starting a thread to share some tips and generally keep each other going??? XxX

If so tell me your story when are you due?

How are you coping?

Am I the only one who has got a personal library dedicated to pregnancy or have others brought guides and books??

Have you thought of names?

Anything else....

cupcake78 Mon 05-Nov-12 20:16:00

Congratulations on your pregnancy. Im due 28th. Second dc, 4th pregnancy. Feeling horrific, exhausted, vomiting nausea, bloating, biggest boobs ever sad.

Now wondering who's silly idea it was to be pregnant again seei g as I'm so rubbish at it blush

Littlemissimpatient Mon 05-Nov-12 20:23:02

I'm due around 21st. This will be 1st dc.
3 mc so I'm very anxious.
I also have a mini baby library of books!
Trying not to get to excited until 12 wks this time as got very excited last time.
Good luck smile

Tashymondo Mon 05-Nov-12 20:26:24

Aw! congratulations to you too my dear,

Sorry you are also feeling horrific, bloating and bad wind are things I could really do without alongside the morning sickness it just makes me feel like a walking advert for all things disgusting.

It does make you second guess yourself, ideas and mental state... Why did do I want to do this to myself again??? Lol

I am glad that you are due near me, makes me feel far less lonely!! XxX

Tashymondo Mon 05-Nov-12 20:31:13

Sorry to hear about the 3mc. Congratulations to you!!
I bet you are super anxious!

I shall keep everything crossed for you!

Glad I am not the only one with a baby library!!

ipswichwitch Mon 05-Nov-12 20:45:42

Hi, I'm due about the 26th June. Technically this is baby no.3. My last pregnancy was twins but we lost one at 34 weeks. We have his twin brother though, he's 1 and full of beans having just discovered how to pull himself onto his feet- only a matte of time before he's walking and we'll have out hands full smile
Bit scared here too tashy. A week ago I started bleeding, no pain or clots though. Had to wait a couple of days for a scan but everything was fine. Got a pic of our v small little bean! I'm hugely bloated, nauseous (not so bad this week though) and very tired. Hope you're all getting on ok

ipswichwitch Mon 05-Nov-12 20:46:49

And a big congratulations to you all smile

Icant link as on phone but join the June antenatal thread with us :-)

ExpatMamaToBe Mon 05-Nov-12 22:01:52

Hi, we've also started an EDD June 2013 facebook group smile If anyone wants to join, please send me a private message. Good luck, there are so many of us due in June, it's going to be a very busy month x

Tashymondo Tue 06-Nov-12 19:26:00

Thanks. For getting in contact expatmamatobe, sounds Like a good idea having a Facebook Page.

Thanks for your email ipswichwitch sorry to hear you lost a twin. But the little man you have sounds like a right go getter bless him!!! XxX Iam glad I am not the only scared one. The bleeding sounds like a big worry but as long as there was no pain or clotting to you should be fine I think. Did you contact your midwife???

flutterby123 Tue 06-Nov-12 19:36:29
This is the link to the due June 2013 thread, come and join us!

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