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Help - new BFP and need fashion advice!

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Pocket1 Mon 05-Nov-12 18:15:59

After a troubling ivf journey, we finally got our BFP. I'm 5weeks 3 days.

When did you start to show? How soon did you buy new clothes my trousers, jeans, leggings and tights are already getting snug and I don't want to squash the lo. Also don't want to buy a new wardrobe so early on.

Also when did you start using stretch mark cream?

And is there anything else I should know?

Thanks in advance


YokoUhOh Mon 05-Nov-12 18:22:50


You won't squash the LO, even if you wear a whalebone corset (inadvisable) smile

I bought a pair of chinos and a couple of maternity tops (Next); was given a couple of nice dresses BUT I haven't actually worn any maternity clothes apart from that. I've lived in under-the-bump leggings, tunics and empire-line non-mat dresses with flat boots and Uggs.

I honestly advise you to buy a couple of basics and see what others can lend you, and then adapt your existing wardrobe in new and interesting ways!

Smallgreenone Mon 05-Nov-12 18:30:18

Congratulations! I started to show really early. I thought no one could tell but apparently it was really obvious, my boobs were enormous already at 5 weeks and I'm normally a size 8. I bought a pair of jeans one size bigger than normal to start with and was in them until 16 weeks and at that time I moved into maternity which were too big for me but much comfier grin. With it being winter you'll be able to wear nice cosy jumpers. Don't buy too much stuff, by the end of it you'll hate your maternity clothes!

MyDaydream Mon 05-Nov-12 18:31:41

I got quite bloated in the first trimester so some things didn't fit me from pretty much day one and I have just been adding to my wardrobe throughout as needed. Spreads the cost and the weather will be very different at the end of your pregnancy so your needs will change.
At your stage I was just wearing things that felt comfy, or wrapping a bobble through my button hole and hooking it over the button on my normal trousers which worked until 20 weeks-ish on some things, it was my thighs that outgrew things. From about 10-12 weeks I was scouring eBay for maternity bundles, and you can get some bargains, I've bought very little brand new and am really trying to stick to buying things with a good resale value on eBay.
Also H&M boob tubes worn around your middle to make a layered look with your existing t-shirts (and hides above mentioned bobble trick) works really well and they're cheaper than bump bands and come in more colours.
I bought stretch mark cream but hated the feel of it, I got the Palmers one and it's just so thick and gross, I didn't think it rubbed in well. I've kept using my normal moisturiser instead, but that'd be personal choice you could start whenever you want.
Anything else? Keep a bra fund stashed away and don't buy too many in each size, I had to buy new ones around 12 weeks, 22 weeks, I'm going for more now at 33 and will have nursing bras fitted at 37/38!

BadgerFace Mon 05-Nov-12 18:36:59

Hey Pocket How POSITIVELY LOVELY to see you on the pregnancy board!grin grin

You can buy things which you use to extend the buttons on your normal trousers which I can't remember the name of but am sure someone will be along soon who knows what they're called... I didn't buy any maternity clothes until about week 18 but then I'd lost just over a stone just before I got pregnant so I was able to wear my fatter clothes instead.

Some of the early weeks growth can be bloating which will settle down too so you might find that clothes that are tight now aren't in a week or two.

Stretch mark cream - I started on Mama Mio at about 10 weeks. Onto my second pot now at 29 weeks. From what I've read, stretch marks are mainly genetic so lots of people don't think using a cream makes any difference but it smells nice!

I also bought some bra extenders for £3 rather than a load of new bras. Still using them now although I think I've only been able to do so as my cup size doesn't seem to have gone up much (yet - I am still waiting patiently...) so it depends how quickly your biscuitbiscuit inflate... Non-underwired bras are recommended too.


p.s. If there's a Jojo Maman Bebe near you then get a loyalty card the first time you go in!

Pocket1 Mon 05-Nov-12 20:14:49

Hello and thank you so much for all your wise words - bra extender (not that I need it yet), the bobble with jeans and boob tube layering ideas are just genius!

I shall cross the corset off the Christmas list and head to the high street in search of some leggings and a tunic or two and a boob tube. I have a couple of parties coming up and just want to be comfortable but look normal and not tubby round the middle since all the ivf meds have caused me to fill out blush

Hi Badger how lovely to see you ‘over here’


Clarella Mon 05-Nov-12 23:57:34


I bought nice skinny black jeans at 10 wks and could only wear them for a couple of weeks cos my BUM out grew them! Everyone is different so take it slowly - found I've loved leggings and then just got the odd plus size long shirt in h and m or the odd tunic in .tk max. Jumper/ tunic dresses can be very flattering and you could wear post baby too.

Clarella Tue 06-Nov-12 00:00:42

Phone playing up.... stretch marks genetic, my mum never had any and I'm free so far touch wood at 37wks - but my skin is dryer and more sensitive so go for what feels nice. Liking aveeno now as a special treat!

rogersmellyonthetelly Tue 06-Nov-12 09:44:21

I was about 14 weeks with my first when I started to really need maternity. Until then I made do with a hair bobble to fasten my jeans and stretchy work trousers with a long top. congrats btw, but don't get too excited, maternity clothes are rarely fashionable!

There's so much to think about! If you love clothing and fashion make sure you have fun with your maternity wardrobe... I'm having my sixth baby and wrote a Mumsnet blog on my bargain maternity wardrobe (so perhaps overthought it a little!!) but if you want to check it out it's here:
Also, though this is my sixth baby, I am stretch mark free! I took Jerry Hall's advice and have used natural oil on my bump every time. Sweet Almond or Apricot is good, and relatively cheap... make sure you use it every day!
Good luck and congratulations! x

ladymia Tue 06-Nov-12 10:14:46


Well I am 21 weeks and still fitting into normal clothes. I would definitely not go out and buy a full maternity wardrobe yet. I did go at the weekend to buy some maternity tights from mothercare but that's it.

I use bio-oil even if everyone says it will not help it makes me feel at least i am trying something smile started that at about 10 weeks.

NAR4 Tue 06-Nov-12 14:24:55

I think you have been given great advise re maternity clothes.

You should start using stretch mark cream now. There are two schools of thought on it. One is that the cream def works and is a must and the other is that you are either prone to stretch marks or not.

I used cream all the time with my first pregnancy (except on my boobs) and only got stretch mark on my boobs. This convienced me that it wasn't worth using cream during my second pregnancy (thinking I just wouldn't get them on my tummy) and I got my first stretch mark on my tummy. I used cream in my further pregnancies and never got any more stretch marks. So your guess is as good as mine. I have always used Bio-oil.

My thinking is if you use cream and still get stretch marks then you know you did everything you could. If you don't use cream but get stretch marks, will you regret not using cream?

wanderingalbatross Tue 06-Nov-12 14:48:52

Congrats on your pregnancy!

In my first pregnancy (also 5 weeks about this time of year), I found that my regular trousers got a little tight around 10 weeks so I bought a few things in a size up. I started to use a hair bobble on my waistband and also bump bands (although love the h&m boob tube idea) for wearing under normal tops that are just starting to ride up.

A lot of 'normal' winter clothing is long and loose enough that it'll be fine over the winter, which gives a lot more choice than sticking with the maternity ranges. Plus, if you stretch anything then it'll be fine for next winter when you have the baby but probably haven't got down to pre-pg size again. Trousers are a different matter as I found that tight waistbands started to get annoying quite early on, and maternity trousers were so much more comfortable. A lot depends on how much weight you put on and how quickly.

There are probably things in your wardrobe that'll be fine too, anything that zips/buttons up and you can leave undone (maybe with a scarf to cover the front if it's very cold). Looser trousers that can sit under the bump, and old t-shirts that you don't mind stretching a bit.

The bulk of what you'll need will be spring/summer stuff, so maybe look for clothes that you can layer up over the winter but also wear on their own when the weather's warmer. Also, if you're intending to breastfeed, look out for tops that'll double as nursing tops. Wish I'd done this as a lot of my pg stuff was no good for feeding in, and it'll take a few weeks after the birth for your tummy to go back down.

Pocket1 Wed 07-Nov-12 18:05:32

Thank you. I did the bobble thing yesterday - it was so comfy! Am yet to shop and will stick to reusable basics rather than floral smocks!

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