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Dating Scans

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datingthedevil Mon 05-Nov-12 15:38:55

Hi everyone,

My estimated due date was taken purely from my scan rather than my lmp date (I never bothered to keep track of my periods as didn't see the point).

How accurate are dating scans? Ever since then when the midwife has got the tape measure out I've measured two weeks bigger than what I should be. They also questioned the date at my 20 week scan.

Thank you for your advice, char xxx

itsallinmyhead Mon 05-Nov-12 16:07:43

I asked my midwife the same question as I believed I was a few weeks further than my dating scan suggested. The MW told me that they can be out by around a week but not much more.

I am still convinced I'm further on than my dates suggest but as I am massive and ready for my DS at 36 weeks pg, I'm well aware it's wishful thinking. grin

datingthedevil Mon 05-Nov-12 16:20:00

Thank you, I think it's wishful thinking too!! Good luck xxx

itsallinmyhead Mon 05-Nov-12 16:33:33

Thanks, Good luck to you too!

Just for the record, this was just my MW, maybe yours and other MN's will say differently.

joby21 Mon 05-Nov-12 17:11:52

My dating scan put me 4 days earlier than dating from my period. I have consistantly measured at least 2cm/weeks bigger. I just think i'm growing a big baby!

Dogsmom Mon 05-Nov-12 17:28:05

I'm pg with my first so no expert at all, the sonographer bought my date forward 4 days at the 12 week scan and said they can be out but only by a day either way

EarnestDullard Mon 05-Nov-12 17:30:58

I think they're quite accurate when done early, as there's not the same variation in size when the embryo is tiny as there is further on in the pregnancy. That said, there's obviously an element of human error, so they can be out by about a week.

YouSeveredHead Mon 05-Nov-12 17:31:59

My scans gave my dates as I never kept count and the second was a pregnancy after miscarriage without a period in between, and for both I gave birth the day before my due date so pretty accurate.

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