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its a boy !

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tamster83 Mon 05-Nov-12 12:37:04

just had my 20wks scan and really wanted a girl this time . it's my 4th .and 2nd with my new partner . I think we both wanted a girl this time as we already have a boy and this is definitely the last but I didn't relise just how devestated I would feel when they told me it was a boy . I cried all day couldn't stop ! stupid I know I'm obviously happy everything all well with baby but even now I get pangs of jealousy when I see pink ! :-( also worried how I'll feel when he arrives . wish I could stop feeling like this and just be happy . think my hormones are in overdrive aswel.... any body else had the same ?

emeraldgirl1 Mon 05-Nov-12 12:39:44

I had the opposite... in fact I posted on here this time last week about my 'it's a girl' news and got a lot of great support. A week on and I'm feeling much better, certainly a lot less shocked. Still getting pangs when I see boys' clothes but I'm working on it smile
(Ps we could always swap...) wink

tamster83 Mon 05-Nov-12 13:27:57

we could do lol . I do feel better now but still aching when ever I see baby girls I'm almost sure when I see him I'll be fine . I just keep thinking how much more excited I would be if it was a girl and that my bf will never have a lil 'daddy's girl' :-(

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