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BMI - classed as Obese :-(

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Jenjen85 Sun 04-Nov-12 09:15:15

Hi there, I'm only 5wks pregnant but I'm really worried, I know at my booking in appointment they will take my height (5ft7) an my weight (14st5) and work out my BMI which is 31 I think which makes me obese but I'm only a size 14 clothes how does that make me obese??? I'm really worried that ill have to be put under special observation or something??? Anyone else in the same boat? My DH doesn't know how much I weigh an I feel a bit embarrassed any help or advise would br greatly appreciated

Portofino Sun 04-Nov-12 09:18:39

You will be fine. What is likely is that you will be asked to do a glucose tolereance test later on to check for gestational diabetes (more common if you are overweight) and it is likely you will have a hospital birth vs mw led unit. My BMI was high in pregnancy but had no issues (apart from the very end with a transverse baby). No-one else needs to see what you weigh.

JackThePumpkinKing Sun 04-Nov-12 09:19:29

I'm a similar height and weight and I'm s size 18, it really does depend how you carry it, doesnt it. I'm afraid it is obese though sad

I think you have to be over 200kg before they suggest extra observations but that was 5 years ago so things may have changed. They might not even weigh you at booking in, but they may want to talk to you about weight. Don't be embarrased

Natnat29 Sun 04-Nov-12 09:21:27

Don't worry too much hun at booking they gave me a leaflet about bmi, ticked the bmi section in the mat notes and I had to go for a glouclose test at 27 wks as it can put you at higher risk of diabetes during pregnancy. I don't know of any other things that may midwife is doing differently because of my bmi, relax and enjoy your pregnancy smile

LittleBearPad Sun 04-Nov-12 09:24:54

Don't worry. I weighed more than you (and am shorter) and it wasn't an issue. The cut off for many things (GTT, consultant etc) in my hospital was 35. I was under consultant led care which made no difference other than two appointments being with a consultant rather than a midwife and the GTT was ok too. After my booking in appointment I was never weighed again, nor was anything said to me. It will be fine.

weeblueberry Sun 04-Nov-12 09:27:04

My BMI is 32.something and I wasn't told I would need extra monitoring. From reading other threads on here I think the cut off is 35? I'm 12.5stone and 5ft2 and a size 14 but unfortunately that is obese sad. Whn I want for my booking appointment though she didn't read my height or weight out though so your husband will likely not know. My DP knows how much I weigh because I was doing WW prior to pregnancy and he he got a day by day blow of my current weight lol.

MrsEddChina Sun 04-Nov-12 09:28:25

My BMI was 39 or similar (cant remember!) at my booking app. I'm under a consultant (who I have seen once and I am 21 weeks) my normal midwife who sees me for all my general apps and a healthy living midwife who I have also seen once so far.

I will see the consultant and healthy living midwife at least once more (my next consultant app isn't until January) and I have to have the glucose test in a few weeks and an extra growth scan at 34 weeks.

Everyone has been lovely. Due to my weight I was advised to try and not put more than a stone on during the pregnancy, but I have lost a stone during the first 3 months and have only gained 2 pounds back so far, so hopefully I will weigh less when my baby's born than before!

MainlyMaynie Sun 04-Nov-12 09:28:49

35 is the BMI cut-off for additional monitoring. You won't have any additional monitoring and will be free to choose where to give birth. Mine was 34.9 at booking in and I had a lovely midwife-led pregnancy and home birth.

MainlyMaynie Sun 04-Nov-12 09:30:46

35 is the BMI cut-off for additional monitoring. You won't have any additional monitoring and will be free to choose where to give birth. Mine was 34.9 at booking in and I had a lovely midwife-led pregnancy and home birth.

Crumm24 Sun 04-Nov-12 09:30:47

I was surprised to find I was obese at my booking in appointment - I know and have made my peace with being overweight, but am a size 12 and walk to work every day, so considered myself reasonably healthy. Regardless, they put it in my notes and suggested I have the GTT at 28 weeks, but other than that it's never been an issue and am planning a home birth with my midwives are happy with, so I really wouldn't worry. I know at another local hospital (which am not under), they get so many ladies with BMIs of 30+, they will only offer GTT to/monitor those with a BMI of 35 or more, so it may not even be an issue for you.

HavingALittleFaithBaby Sun 04-Nov-12 09:35:11

I'm similar - 13 stone at 5'4" so I'm technically obese (BMI is 30). I wear a size 14. I saw the consultant after my first scan and they said to have a glucose tolerance test but otherwise am a 'low risk' pregnancy. Try not to worry too much.
So clearly from all the responses you're not alone!

Jenjen85 Sun 04-Nov-12 09:37:46

Thanks for all you posts ladies, it has put me more at ease :-) it has been worrying me ever since I found out I was pregnant!!!

TeaOperated Sun 04-Nov-12 10:27:44

My BMI is 32 and it's been me that's raised it at appointments, not dr/midwife - no one has acted as if it's a problem. I do merrily (well, trying to stave off humiliation) say I'm obese, though, so they know I know, because I just didn't look it and in the past I've had problems with people acting all surprised when they weigh me, when I know darn well how big I am.(feeling blimp like at 19 weeks, mind).

At my 16 week midwife appt I asked about it, and about diet and safe wieght gain, and she said not to worry, to try to eat healthily but not to diet or worry about the odd slice of cake, and that the amount of weight I gained wasn't really down to me. She told me a woman with a BMI of 80 had recently given birth in the area and she and baby were fine, and that although I was weighed at my booking appointment I wouldn't be weighed again and she didn't recommend me weighing myself (until I got PG was doing Weightwatchers so weighing myself weekly and had lost 3 stone).

The other thing I got really, really paranoid about was my tum getting in the way at scans/getting bad or unclear scan because I'm big. I had perfect, crystal clear scans at 11 and 13 weeks (date confusion meant I got 2) and the sonographer said I was easy to scan.

I'd expected to be treated like I'm naughty and/or stupid, and for everything to be much more difficult because I had got pregnant more quickly than I expected and hadn't lost the extra half stone, but this just hasn't happened.

Very, very long post, but hope it helps you not feel as paranoid as I did!

JaquelineHyde Sun 04-Nov-12 10:42:49

My BMI was 51 at my booking in appointment.

I have to go for the glucose test at 28 weeks and am under consultant led care (although this is for other reasons than my weight) and I'm not allowed to give birth at the birthing centre.

That's it. My weight isn't being monitored. I wasn't even weighed at my first appointment I just told my midwife what I weighed. I asked my consultant about any complications and he had no concerns about my weight at all and told me not to even think about it.

I am now 16 week pg and have lost 11lb since my booking in appointment and now have a BMI of 49. Being pregnant doesn't always mean putting on weight especially when you are over weight to begin with.

Tashymondo Sun 04-Nov-12 16:18:14

I am 6wks +1 with a BMI of 31 something last year I lost a baby but the problems I had were not weight related, at my appointments then they made a big fuss as my BMI was 35+.

like some others I had been trying real hard to loose weight before my second attempt at getting pregnant but It just happened so quickly.

This time round I am gonna eat healthy exercise and ENJOY being pregnant because no one has the right to make you feel bad about it home you are.

I have enjoyed reading all these other posts and I really hope everything goes well for you Jenjen!!! XxX

Pleasenomorepeppa Sun 04-Nov-12 16:39:21

I had a normal BMI with DD1, but my current BMI is 36 (it was 38 when I found out I was pregnant). I'm actually swapping hospitals as my current hospital really favour a medicalised birth for high BMI. The new one will assess at 37 weeks if you can go to the MWL unit or labour ward & seem really positive & not judgemental at all.

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