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Everything's a sign!

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Plunkett Sat 03-Nov-12 08:26:29

Just a general rant, sorry!
38.4 today, ds was born at 38.5 so had thought I'd be earlier this time, as had everyone around me due to being bigger (the size of a small city) this time. I feel like I'm late, which I know is ridiculous as not even reached due date.
I'm doing my own (and everyone around me) heads in as everything seems like a sign of imminent labour. Every twinge, sneeze, toilet visit - it's all a sign in my head, I'm struggling to think about anything else.
I had a very quick labour with ds so think part if it is fear that if i dont know im in labour straight away i wont get to the hospital and be giving birth at the side of the road confused
Anyone else like this or am I alone in my madness?

Bunnychan Sat 03-Nov-12 08:52:36

Im only early in my first pg but I know for a fact I would be exactly the same! I cant advise you but didn't want to read and run x

jenbird Sat 03-Nov-12 08:57:06

Hi plunkett,
I was the same with my dc2. Ds1 born at 38 + 3 and i was having twinges regularly from 35 weeks. She was eventually born at 39+4. My ds 2 was born at 40+1 but I didn't feel labour was imminent until the end. I am 37 + 4 at the moment and again don't feel ready for labour. My births are very fast too and I'm hoping my waters go as this has always been my first sign.
I don't think that just because you were early once it means you will be again. My theory is that you get later because your pelvis has already stretched so the baby has more room for longer. No idea if that's true though!
Good luck x

FranTan Sat 03-Nov-12 09:00:33

Absolutely. I'm 37 weeks tomorrow, although measuring 41 weeks with polyhydramnios and an estimated 8 pound 10 baby already. Probably going to be induced around 38 weeks due to my and DC's size so am really hoping it happens naturally this week. Every twinge is analysed and assessed and I had a takeaway curry last night to get things moving. Needless to say it didn't work. Trying not to get obsessed, especially when I know how lucky I am to be able to take it easy in these last few weeks, but I can't help it.

Out of interest, are you plagued by bad insomnia? Being awake from 2am -4.30am is driving me nuts!

Plunkett Sat 03-Nov-12 09:05:06

Hi ladies, thanks for replies - nice to know I'm not alone smile
Frantan - I'm waking at 3am every night then that's me awake. Hoping its body preparing for lack of sleep later.

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