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Thick nuchal fold

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RTchoke Fri 02-Nov-12 17:53:28

Today my 12 week scan showed a nuchal of 3.3mm. While this is just below the 3.5mm where the NHS offers an amnio it is still thick. I await the combined test results.

This happened with DC2 who was 3.4mm. Wechose not to have further testing and she was born with no abnormalities.

Today I asked the doctor whether it could be that thick nuchals run in my family for no clinical reason. Dr said it sounded plausible but she had never seen studies on thick nuchal folds repeating themselves across children in the same family.

I wondered if anyone here has experience of more than one bad nuchal reading but healthy kids? I'd also live to hear of any other reassuring experiences.


Rosduk Fri 02-Nov-12 18:10:19

I'm currently 24 weeks pregnant but this baby at the 12 week scan had a nuchal of 4mm. We were given a 1:10 for abnormalities, had a Cvs and found everything is fine. At the 20 week scan the nuchal Had sorted itself and now completely normal.
Good luck with it all smile

nellyjelly Fri 02-Nov-12 18:12:27

Visit antenatal tests and choices section. Loads of useful info there.

anthonysmama Thu 15-Nov-12 00:28:14

You are the first post I can find about this! My son had a thick nuchal and, thank god is perfectly healthy at 1.5 years old. My sister just had a the nuchal with her second child and also had a thick nuchal. What are the odds?? The doctor said he had someone with all 4 kids that had thick nuchals and all healthy, thank god! My genetic counselor also had told me she had someone that had it with their two kids. This makes me believe there MUST be a genetic component. Yet no resarch has been done that I can find. In fact, I still think there is alot to learn about this test in general. So many docs say different things. Plus the tests really cause such stress among pregnant moms they really need to get more accurate somehow. Best of luck to you, have faith in your baby!

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