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So what did/didn't work for turning your breech or transverse baby?

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ItsMyLastOne Thu 01-Nov-12 21:29:28

I'm 35+3 with DC2. Two weeks ago my baby was transverse. Today I saw my mw, the baby started out transverse and then suddenly moved to a kind of breech oblique position. There does seem to be an awful lot of water in there so I thinking she's doing a lot of floating about. I've spent the last two weeks on all fours as much as possible but it obviously hasn't helped.

I have to go for a presentation scan some time next week and then see a consultant if the baby is still transverse or breech.

The mw said they will probably suggest an ELCS as their preference, possibly an ECV, and may also offer a breech vaginal delivery as I had a normal delivery with my first. I really don't want a CS, everything about it scares me. I don't want an ECV after reading so many horrible stories about what has happened after women having them. But then, I can see lots of possible complications from trying for a vaginal birth.

So what did you try to get your baby to turn, and what worked and what didn't?

FranTan Thu 01-Nov-12 22:37:22

Hi there,

I'm 36 + 3 and DC was transverse and then oblique for a few weeks before turning head down this week. I have polyhydramnios so loads of fluid and have been told by consultant that he might pop out of my pelvis again, just because he can. However, assuming he stays put, I did pretty much the same as you....spent loads of time on all fours, watched TV over my birthing ball and attempted a couple of the positions on the "Spinning Babies" website. I also swam a couple of times a week.

Like I said, no guarantee he will stay put but fingers crossed as I also am not keen on ECV or CS.

mrswee Thu 01-Nov-12 22:48:55

I took homepathic advise and took Pulsatilla the night before they were going to turn her at 37 weeks. My baby turned that night, I felt it. I had a scan the next day and she was suddenly head down.
I have a friend who it didnt work for however! worth a try though.

Zombieminx Thu 01-Nov-12 22:54:35

Antenatal yoga and never sitting on the sofa, only on/leaning on a gym ball. YY to loads of time on all fours!

DD was stubbornly breech from twenty ish weeks ... she turned at 36+4 the night before a presentation scan!

Good luck, hope your baby turns! smile

waitandseepudding Thu 01-Nov-12 22:57:15

I'm afraid nothing worked for me and they tried turning her twice (DD1) She's still as stubborn as her mother grin! I opted for an ELCS as the consultant told me that the chances of an emergency if we opted for vaginal birth were 50/50 (5 years ago). At the time, if they'd even said 60/40 I think I'd have chanced it. I'm really phobic- can't watch casualty without fainting (I know it's not real!) and wanted a home birth, but I've got through two ELCS (DD2 decided she'd keep us waiting, and induction wasn't going to work!)
It's honestly not too bad, though I wouldn't do it again afterwards isn't great, so just make sure you have as much help as you can at home and if you can, offload DC1 for a bit.

Pascha Thu 01-Nov-12 23:07:36

I ended up having an ECV and it was fine. Baby stayed turned and I had a reasonably straightforward birth.

Sarahplane Thu 01-Nov-12 23:23:10

Dd was breach, Tried all fours, tried various positions recommended by a website (might have been spinning babies but it was 7 years ago so I can't remember), tried frozen peas on my bump. None of it worked. They tried to turn get three times during when they did the ECV but she just flipped straight bank every time. I resigned myself for a c section, they did another scan before taking unto theatre and she'd turned during the night so they sent us home. So the only thing that worked for me was giving up. grin

ItsMyLastOne Fri 02-Nov-12 14:41:58

So I will be trying everything, and then giving up. Something must work!

NAR4 Fri 02-Nov-12 15:20:08

My 1st baby was transverse but I didn't do anything. About a week after my due date he simply turned head down by himself. I hadn't been offerred a cs as the consultant said they often turn and if he didn't turn by the time I went into labour, they would do a cs then. That was 16 years ago though, so don't know if they would be happy to just leave it now.

ItsMyLastOne Fri 02-Nov-12 15:43:49

The mw was actually more concerned about the baby being transverse than breech as she said there are far more serious complications that can arise from a baby being transverse.

I am hearing lots of positive stories about babies turning somehow and women being able to have a normal birth, so that's reassuring. smile

Gingerbreadlatte Fri 02-Nov-12 15:49:48

I have bad case of SPD/ PGP with lots of lowerback/ sacroilliac pain.

Saw my osteo after several weeks of not attending for various reasons. I told her baby was breech at 37wks and she did her stuff and baby was turned head down 2 days later... might be coincidence or just the affect of the treatment. Worth a go maybe. She said theory was that if pelvis was wonky it prevent baby turning properly.

datingthedevil Sat 03-Nov-12 00:41:06

Does the baby being transverse cause pain / discomfort? I'm 34+2 and he's transverse. I've got pretty much constant rib pain and am always uncomfortable. Is this normal? Thank you hmm

nooka Sat 03-Nov-12 00:58:40

My ds had an undetected transverse oblique lie (three midwives and two registrars all felt me and said he was head down the day my waters broke). I was planning a home birth but had meconium in the waters so had to go into hospital. They wanted to induce me but dh kicked up a bit of a fuss and so they gave me an extra scan, and I had a c-section half an hour later! The section was fine, pretty relaxed really - ds came out to 'Every Little Thing She Does is Magic' which was qute apt really grin

It is a harder recovery obviously, but planned sections are really quite different to emergency ones, and you can get out of the hospital pretty quickly now too.

The only side effect from ds's funny lie was that his head got very squished and only really stopped being distinctly triangular five or six years later.

ItsMyLastOne Sat 03-Nov-12 10:37:45

datingthedevil I have horrendous pain under my ribs on the side her head is, but no one has said it's because of her position. It might be though. DD was always head down and I only had a tiny bit of pain with her.

nooka It's a good job you got the scan and so strange they hadn't detected it earlier. I had previously been told at 28 weeks that the baby was head down but I now think it was a mistake. The mw the other day originally thought the baby had moved head down and asked if I'd felt any dramatic movements. I said no so she checked again and then asked another mw to check too. Apparently my baby's bum just feels very like a head. The mw even asked at one point whether she's missed something and was I having twins! shock She said if it was the days before scans she'd be convinced there were two heads in there! It was a good job I was lying down and there was another mw on hand to double check.

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