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Dr Zoe Penn

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Star111 Thu 01-Nov-12 12:59:02

I am thinking of booking with her at the C&W hospital as my obstetrician.....

Any feedback?

Star 4+5

Star111 Thu 01-Nov-12 15:44:03

up up!
anyone? hmm

Star111 Thu 01-Nov-12 15:44:29

up up!
anyone? hmm

tanteclaire Thu 01-Nov-12 17:30:23

I would search old threads on Childbirth as I recall seeing some when I was looking (these threads tend to come up on Childbirth rather than pregnancy - also try searching under Kensington wing). I met her recently as she nearly stepped in to deliver me (I was booked under someone else). She seemed very nice from what I remember but my doctor turned up in time in the end! good luck, Kensington wing is a great place to have your baby smile

Star111 Fri 02-Nov-12 11:47:16

thank you tante claire for your piece of advice!!! smile

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