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First scan, 12wks today!!

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Pritchyx Thu 01-Nov-12 08:59:48

I'm finally 12 weeks and have my scan at 1pm! I'm so excited but I haven't a clue what will happen when I'm there as its my first! And I've heard different things from lots of people!

Share your experiences so I have a gist of what's happening? X

jimblejambles Thu 01-Nov-12 09:18:28

I had my 12 week scan yesterday smile
To begin with the lady doing the scan flipped the screen round to show dc3 with its little heart beating.
She then turned the screen back to her while she did all the measurements. She didn't talk much.
She had to poke dc3 lots as it wasn't in the right position all the time which was uncomfortable.
At the end of the scan she turned the screen again and pointed out the arms,
legs and spine.
It's amazing smile
Enjoy your scan and seeing your little one for the first time

HorridHeffalumpsWickedWoozles Thu 01-Nov-12 09:34:01

Oh congratulations how exciting!

Usually the sonographer will show you baby on the screen first then will just take a load if measurements before asking if you want to buy a picture(s) and getting a few shots for you to choose from. The whole thing only takes about 10-15 mins. It's so special finally getting to see your LO wriggling around on the screen. Enjoy it smile

Pritchyx Thu 01-Nov-12 17:51:48

Scan was lovely! Have a very bouncy baby who likes to put its hands in its mouth! Had very very clear scans too! So happy smile the family have now decided it'll be a boy (haven't a clue how they've worked it out) I'm so happy smile

HorridHeffalumpsWickedWoozles Thu 01-Nov-12 20:40:38

Ah that's so lovely, isn't it such an amazing experience. Glad you enjoyed it and got good clear scans.

Congratulations once again, enjoy your pregnancy as much as you can, it goes very quickly!


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