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Stretch marks, swollen ankles etc...when do they appear?

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Lovelylace Wed 31-Oct-12 09:48:33

I am 23+1 and starting to get a "proper" preggers belly, so far though no stretch marks and no swollen ankles etc, but does that mean I wont get them, or is it now it starts so to speak? is it worth investing in some of those tight flying socks that people use on airplanes to help minimise the risk of teh swollen ankles?

DangerMousey Wed 31-Oct-12 11:45:00

I had no sign of any stretch marks until about 31 weeks, and then the dreaded tiger stripes started to appear on the underside of my bump sad this was despite slathering myself in a variety of expensive oils and creams morning and night.

I have since heard that if you're gonna get them, you're gonna get them and there's not much you can do about it. Just keep moisturising though, it's nice to bond with your bump that way smile

Not sure about swollen ankles...I am nearly 36 weeks and have noticed a slight swelling above my sockline by the end of the day, but nothing major to report (my mate who is currently 37 weeks, however, has recently reported having feet like princess fiona from shrek, so maybe that treat is just around the corner too!).

Rockchick1984 Wed 31-Oct-12 12:16:45

Far too soon to predict unfortunately! My ankles swelled around 37 weeks, and stretch marks didn't appear until a week after birth so you will probably just have to wait and see.

Lovelylace Wed 31-Oct-12 13:41:07

typical ehh, I was hopeful that I might have flown in under the radar so to speak...ohh well, joys of motherhood ehh? wink

GrandPoohBah Wed 31-Oct-12 13:53:52

My ankles started swelling at about 30 weeks. I'm almost 36 now and feel like I'm hobbling about on trotters; flip flops are the only way forward.

No stretch marks yet though!

PipIsOutNow Wed 31-Oct-12 13:58:59

I had no stretch marks til 30 weeks I thought I'd escaped them! And swelling didn't develop til about 33 weeks and got progressively worse until I had no ankle bones visible at all. I did have pre eclampsia by then though :/

ladymia Wed 31-Oct-12 14:31:16

I have been wondering this too! I am 20 weeks and i know, i know it doesn't work blah blah ... it's all genetics but I have been oiling up!

cheesesavory Wed 31-Oct-12 14:36:20

I never got any last time, so you may be lucky!

Purplecatti Wed 31-Oct-12 15:16:00

I'm 41+3 and as of yet no sign of stretch marks or swollen ankles yet. No sign of baby yet either sad
I think it's luck of the draw, I have been using bio oil but I don't really know if it's that that's helped.

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