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Multiple Fibroids

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TanuR Tue 30-Oct-12 16:41:30


I am 6 week pregnant. I had my first US done last week. My report says I have "mutiple fibroids throughout". I had light bleeding on wednesday and it stopped yestrday(Monday). There was no pain during bleeding.

I am wondering if the bleeding was becuse of multiple fibroids or what it could possible be. I am going for my another ultra sound tomorrow. I am scared if this is failed pregnancy.

Keeping my fingers crossed.

Any suggestions folks...??

Sorry I don't know - but good luck with your ultrasound.
Reading many threads on this site suggests that light bleeding isn't always bad news.

I guess they'll give you proper advice tomorrow, but I had an ultrasound last week and I have 2, possibly 3 or 4 fibroids. They told me it shouldn't affect pregnancy but they have noted them and will be keeping an eye on how things develop. Hopefully they'll tell you more about your 'multiple' ones and obviously be checking on your little 'bean'.

2blessed Tue 30-Oct-12 23:43:39

Hi OP, I'm currently 32+3 with dc 1 and 3 fibroids that I never knew I had until 20 week scan. Main things is they have been detected and their size can be monitored throoughout. Good luck with scan

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