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38+4 - are these really just braxton hicks or am I have a long latent phase?

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iloveholidays Tue 30-Oct-12 14:23:58

Having "tightenings" every 5 minutes and fed up. I wouldn't say there was a distinct pain with them, but taking my breath away.

Only way I can describe them if that someone is blowing my tummy up like a balloon!!!!!!

I've had a lot of discharge, back ache, baby has dropped, toilet regularly. Pretty much every "sign" under the sun but not developing into anything.

This is DC3 so I should know, but waters broke first with DDs so unknown territory at the moment.

Just interested to know whether others had/have really bad braxton hicks this regularly? Been on/off for a couple of weeks but getting more frequent.

ItsMyLastOne Tue 30-Oct-12 14:38:12

I know plenty of people who've had regular BH like this but it wasn't labour. But then I also know of women who've not realised they're in labour.

I'd call your mw and see if she can come round and assess you. Also I seem to remember that if it's just BH then having a warm bath will make them go away. If they're real contractions then the bath will make them more intense. Worth a try!

iloveholidays Tue 30-Oct-12 14:45:25

They're just so uncomfortable and can't believe how regular they are but just not really painful, DD1 came at 36+2 and DD2 at 37+4 so I suppose I didn't expect to get this far either.

I wish I could have a bath... DD1 and DD2 here - it will have to wait until tonight.

Thanks for your help.

iloveholidays Tue 30-Oct-12 14:47:13

Seeing my midwife on Thursday, think she's on a course today. I did ring labour ward last night and they said to just wait until the pain came and take some paracetamol.

TheDetective Tue 30-Oct-12 14:56:01

My BH's take my breath away, and yes, at times they are very regular.

Frustrating, no?! grin

Also, all the signs you mentioned - yes I am having those! I am 39+3, and been having them since 36 weeks GRRR!

iloveholidays Tue 30-Oct-12 15:01:08

Frustrating is an understatement TheDetective. I'm the same... since 36 weeks. Was admitted into hospital at 36 who thought I was in early stages, made me paranoid as I was have so many BHs which is worrying if VBAC for the scar apparently.

I think because DD1 and DD2 were both early I expected this one to be too...

Hope your little one arrives soon. Is it your first? I'm hoping I'm going to be so pleased when I do go into labour it'll keep me in a positive mood!! smile I've already warned my parents that if I call in the middle of the night (to come and look after DCs) then they might get a cheer down the phone!! smile

TheDetective Tue 30-Oct-12 15:03:49

It is my second. None of this faffing first time around!! I'm also a VBAC.

I wasn't bothered until 2 days ago, but now my mat. leave has officially started, I want this baby out! But not on sunday, it's my birthday!

iloveholidays Tue 30-Oct-12 15:23:16

I had BHs with DD2 but none with DD1 that I can remember anyway. I'm seriously fed up of symptom watching, feeling like an invalid and not having the energy to do anything with DDs.

I know I'll be exhausted with a newborn but at least hoping the physical inability I seem to have now will improve!!!!

Not good at being pregnant - can't wait to have my baby!!

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