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7 weeks pregnant and no sleep :(

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looloo13 Tue 30-Oct-12 04:16:14

im 7 weeks pregnant and cant sleep at all, part of it is worry but the other is my boobs are so sore and if I turn over quick I often get pain in side. anyone else like this?

SucksToBeScaryMe Tue 30-Oct-12 04:26:26

Same! I'm 8 wks and when I go to the bathroom every 5 minutes I actually 'pick up' my boobs and carry them! I've started to wear a bra to bed as even turning over was do painful!

RockabillyKitty Tue 30-Oct-12 08:11:21

Try a sleep bra - like a soft crop top but it'll support you - mothercare or M&S.

Also I always slept on my tummy so it took a lot of getting used to changing positions. My DH bought me a Big V pillow. Very comfy although he has a bit less room in the bed, bless. It'll support your bump throughout and you can lie on either side rather than the ones that just go down one side of you.

The going to the loo thing doesn't seem to stop - I wake up twice EVERY single night still (32 wks) but I'm used to it now.

whiterose2011 Tue 30-Oct-12 21:11:53

BHS do good, cheap crop tops as well. £12 for a pack of 2 I think. Xx

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