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what's wrong with me???

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Kafri Mon 29-Oct-12 19:34:52

Hi guys,

right, here goes...


Thursday - my bp was up slightly. no protein in urine
Saturday - mw came out to recheck and bp back to normal. no protein in urine but sugar present.
This thursday - mw wants to recheck bp to make sure still ok
Tonight - i've done nothing all day - check up at dentist then sat chatting to a friend most of the aft but now I feel EXHAUSTED. I'm out of breath, everything is heavy. Even sitting holding my laptop is hard work. Arms ache and generally feel like i'm not really 'with it'

I'm so sorry for moaning but any advice would be appreciated.


Saltytomato Mon 29-Oct-12 21:18:38

Hey, sorry to hear you're feeling down!
I had hypertension all through the last weeks of my pregnancy and was constantly being monitored by the midwives and being sent to be hospital to check my urine.
They are checking for preeclampsia so if you get fuzzy vision, swelling or a massive headache you need to go straight to triage.
High blood pressure makes everything feel like more of an effort and makes you more knackered.
I ended up getting induced for my hypertension and had a healthy baby boy by emergency c section in May so it is all worth it in the end smile
Hope you feel better x

Kafri Tue 30-Oct-12 11:47:31

Thank you, much appreciated. :-)

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