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Amazing spouses/partners, what they do for us...??

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mrsdaisaku Mon 29-Oct-12 16:06:46

So I see alot of ladies on here who seem to have lucked out with their beloved other halves and just thought it may be nice to start a thread where we can actually say good things about what your husbands/partners etc do for us.

I for one wouldn't know where I would be without my husband, he's amazing. He brings me breakfast in bed every morning, he sorts dinner, does the food shop (I still manage the housework, but thats because I'm pigheaded), runs me a bath in the evening when I'm achy (and helps me out again) and will cuddle me as soon as he see's even the slightest twinge of emotion. And then this afternoon I'm complaining about how heavy my bump is (31wks with twins) and he sends me an email confirmation of a bump support, which is amazingly sweet. He's never far away if I need anything and will drop everything if I wanted him too, even his weekly 'lads night'.

This of course is the tip of the iceberg with what he does do and I could never express how truly grateful I am to have such an amazing person in my life, helping me through such a difficult and uncomfortable pregnancy.

Anyone else just want to share your gratitude to that special someone in your life...? Let's share some love smile

Themilkyboobsareonme Mon 29-Oct-12 16:49:42

Aw that's sweet. My DP will happily go out and get me Krax from the local cinema even though he's not seeing a film as I am just addicted to them. He also has started to put my socks/shoes on now and with only 6 weeks to go I have not seen my fanjo for AGES he will happily shave it for me and keep it neat! Bless him, although I do cut his toenails which is a pretty heroic job IMO grin

VintageRainBoots Mon 29-Oct-12 16:56:04

Hubby and I try to split domestic responsibilities 50-50. He cooks dinner every night, and I wash up. He plays with the kiddo and I do laundry. We both pick up around the house. Neither of us does more than the other.

The extra nice thing about Hubby is that he NEVER complains about paying my credit card bill each month (even though I used to work as an accountant, Hubby prefers to be in charge of our household finances). It doesn't matter what I charge, he pays it for me grin.

rach6122 Mon 29-Oct-12 17:02:30

he rubs my back if its hurts, and petals me, he makes dinner most nights and cup of tea in the morning, runs my bath, and hes so handsome just love him

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