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maternity allowance - anyone know a free phone number for them?

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3rdbump Mon 29-Oct-12 15:27:41

Having a nightmare - its been 6 weeks since i gave up self-employment and tried to claim maternity allowance, ive done everything by the book - first they said no i had to dispute there decision (to do with NIC) but sorted now.
Still havent heard anything. There 10p per minuate line in unobtainable for me at the moment as i have a fault on the land line which aint gonna be resolved till next week.
Need this money asap - been without now for 4 weeks.........sad
anyone have a number i can call them off a mobile please apart from there 0845 in the middle of nowhere so noi phone boxes/relatives to ask etc.

joanna1990marie Mon 29-Oct-12 18:40:16

Try typing into google somethin like say no to 0845, there's a website that offers alternative numbers, usually landline or 0300 numbers which cost the same as mobile to landline calls.

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