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Feels like period pains???!

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wkmmum Mon 29-Oct-12 13:23:00

I'm 36+3 and have had what feels like period pains since I woke up this morning. My back hurts as well and the front of my bump is really tender but they both seem the norm for me nowadays. The pain is constant but is worse when I have braxton hicks.

Is this normal? Baby's breech if that makes a difference. Don't remember anything like this with DS but that was 8 years ago so I may just have forgotten xx

iloveholidays Mon 29-Oct-12 13:38:32

Personally I'd call your midwife as it maybe early labour. You're obviously very close to 37 weeks but they'd want to keep an eye on you. I had this a couple of weeks ago and was in to be monitored but still going now... They were being careful as pre 37 weeks though.

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