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Unexpected Pregnancy Symptom - Agoraphobia/claustrophobia not really sure

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WendyWillow Mon 29-Oct-12 11:29:22


I just wondered if anyone else has been experiencing anything similar? I haven't read about anything on the net about it and I'm going to speak to the GP about it on my 25 week appointment on Friday but am worried about sounding like a nutcase.

I'm not sure exactly how to describe it but ever since becoming pregnant I can't stand strangers getting too close, encroaching on my personal space, I'm fine with family and no problems with intimacy with my husband. At first I just thought that it was too many smells and people on the tube making me feel sick but now it seems to be something more.

At my 20 week scan I almost had a panic attack, they had to stop the scan lay me on my left hand side and get me water, the sonagrapher had been scanning me, I had been holding my husband's hand and a nurse had been trying to take my blood pressure all at the same time, I just started overheating and hyperventilating and need everyone to leave me alone.

The next time was on a plane two weeks ago, I was by the window, it was really crowded, the person behind was kicking my seat, his coat was hung on the back of my chair and touching my shoulder, the person sat next to me was taking the armrest, I had no space.

Then again yesterday, just in a cafe, someone sitting to close next to me and their stuff was touching me and I couldn't easily get out through the tables to where there would be space and the exit.

Each time I start getting really hot, a bit dizzy and hyperventilating.

It isn't yet impacting on what I do and how I live my life, although if I fly again I will choose an aisle seat, I just wondered if anyone has had anything similar? Could it be that I'm just being overprotective of my bump around people I don't know? Is it just that I'm feeling more physically bulky and less able to move so I panic? Someone please tell me I'm not going mad and it will get better?


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