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Holidays in the Caribbean

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anticipation Sun 28-Oct-12 14:55:58

Hubby and I have been talking for months about a beach holiday after spending more than a year living in a freezing, landlocked country. We're looking at the Caribbean, preferably St.Lucia (direct flight from London). Obviously my main concern is hygiene and access to medical treatment just in case. I will be about 9 weeks when we go. Has anyone travelled to this region while pregnant? Any suggestions?

mrsbugsywugsy Sun 28-Oct-12 17:53:27

Where do you live? If you are in Europe, I'd be more worried about a really long flight and jet lag when you may already be suffering from morning sickness and early pregnancy tiredness. Could you not go somewhere closer which still has warm weather?

re. the risk of something going wrong with the pregnancy and being a long way from medical facilities, can you pay for a private scan before you go, to rule out the risk of an ectopic pregnancy?

I think there are certain medicines you won't be able to take eg. antimalarials, although I'm not sure if they are necessary in the caribbean

katesav87 Sun 28-Oct-12 18:58:57

Hi I'm 10 weeks tomorrow and I have just been to Egypt which of course is not the best hygienic place to go! I was so worried as have a history of miscarriages but we booked it before I found out I was. I was fine apart from having to go to bed early as I was so so tired and feeling sick. I didn't eat much because I was to scared just stuck to vegaterian bits and used hand sanatiser religiously I also had a private scan when I got back to make sure all ok. I drunk lots of water on the plane and out there kept in the shade. Wen ur on the plane drink lots wear flight socks and walk around all the time xxx

Gameo Sat 03-Nov-12 17:33:03

My husband and I went to St Lucia when I was about 22weeks pregnant. We stayed at the Rendezvous which was lovely as it is a couples only resort. They claim to be something like an eco friendly resort, which basically means they won't serve water in bottles. This is what I was worried about. Spoke to midwife, and she just warned that I should have only bottled water, to drink and to clean teeth with, etc.
DH contacted resort beforehand and asked if we could pay for bottled water, we were informed they had a shop on site to buy what we wanted. It was $1 or $2 a bottle depending on size.
It worked for me, and actually forgot in the beginning to use the bottled water for teeth cleaning, and then DH reminded me that the ice and soda drinks would have been made with local water. I didn't suffer at all. Just check with your midwife and take your care record book (keep this in hand luggage).
You don't need any jabs or anything. And just check your travel insurance covers you.

When you make your decision, have a lovely time.

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