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Thinking about a dc number 3. Would love your advice please :)

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tiffs Sun 28-Oct-12 12:09:23

My dh and I have 2 beautiful dc's. I have a dd who is soon to be 5 and a ds who is soon to be 2. My dh And I are unsure About having a another dc. At the moment we are unsure for a few reasons such as how much harder it would be, financial worries, how hard I might find it being pregnant with my other dc's and how it would affect my other 2 dc's. My dd and ds have an incredible bond and I'm not sure how that might be affected.

I would really like to hear others peoples experiences who are thinking about having more than 2 dc's or people who already have more than 2.

Thanks smile

tiredteddy Sun 28-Oct-12 12:15:06

Hi, I'm expecting dc3 in January. I have 2 DS aged 8 and 5. We never felt like we were done with having children. The boys have a good brotherly bond, it's love to hate in 60 seconds here! They are very different. I'm looking forward to pairing up less, it tends to be DH and ds1 with ne and ds2 just in general. It will be good ti mix it up more. the easy bit will be having only 1 baby at home as the boys are at school. They are incredibly excited. Dint know how the age gap will pan out, maybe we will end up having dc4 so the baby has a playmate? Who knows. We just wanted another and went for it.

mrsdaisaku Sun 28-Oct-12 12:42:17

I personally am having dc 2&3 at the same time, so didn't really have much say over introducing the third into the scenario, plus my dc1 is 8yrs old so the age gap is enough to not be an issue. Personally, if you feel your family is not complete, then go for the third child. Each child is a blessing and brings something different to the family dynamic. Any child is extra cost and extra work. It's up to you to know if it's worth it. Good luck on making your mind up, either way you will still have a family you will love more than life itself.

The only thing I would consider is... Middle child syndrome, whether its a myth or reality. Good luck!! smile

ProphetOfDoom Sun 28-Oct-12 12:58:04

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AThingInYourLife Sun 28-Oct-12 13:03:48

DD3 will be 4 months old tomorrow.

I love having 3.

But I always knew I wanted at least 3, so 2 never felt like we were done.

No decision made about a 4th yet but if we don't I know I'll be fine with it smile

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